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Next Door

The house next door has been vacant for a few months. It is an older home. Yesterday a demolition crew showed up and knocked it down. Neighbors came by throughout the day to take photos. One neighbor said he was surprised it only took a day to pulverize the structure and haul it away. Another said “this is the Heights, they know how to do this.” Oh, well.

How many total games has the team lost the past three seasons combined?

After Day 2 of Early Voting, 2,832 Dems have voted early in person compared to 6,119 GOPers. 2,484 Dems have sent in mail ballots compared to 10,514 GOPers.

Only once every four years do folks in the U.S. of A. and folks on the “Today” show give a rat’s arse about skiing, ice skating, and bobsledding.

Way to go to CNN for pouncing on the Ted Nugent and AG Abbott love fest. I wonder if the staffer that recommended the photo-op is still working today or do they have him or her making campaign signs or worse handing out poll cards at Kashmere where only one GOPer showed up to cast a vote yesterday.

I am not going to say anything about Sen. Dan Patrick other than to say he asked for it. It would be nice if paperless folks were his undoing. It would be sweet.

I got a Planned Parenthood mailer for The Dean yesterday and the GLBT endorsement mailer.

The last three seasons the ‘Stros have lost a total of 324 games of course.

The Skipper got mad at the team yesterday for disrespecting The Rocket by not showing up on time to listen to him. They must have misremembered.

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