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Let’s Vote

Day 1 of Early Voting is in the books and as expected the GOP leads in turnout. 2,807 GOPers voted early in person as compared to 1,246 Dems in the state’s largest county. 9,048 GOPers have voted by mail versus 2,080 Dems.

Commentary was checking out the Election Day polling locations and there are more combined precincts. The East End’s highest performing precinct will not be voting at its regular location. Why do they do that? The two Eastwood precincts have been combined – sheesh! This is very disappointing if you ask me.

Name the MLB pitcher that has thrown the second highest all-time career walks?

The Chron E-Board finally got around to writing up The Dean’s endorsement today. Here it is:

In 1973, a 23-year-old college dropout named John Whitmire hopped aboard a wave of voter disgust with ethically challenged incumbents and won a seat in the Texas House.

More than four decades later, that same Houston lawmaker is still in the Legislature, as his young opponent pointedly noted when the two men met with the Chronicle editorial board.

Houston attorney Damian LaCroix, 39, insists that four decades is enough, that Whitmire has lost touch with his constituents and that it’s time for a change. In theory, we favor frequent turnover, as well, but not this time. Whitmire, 64, still has much to contribute to residents of Senate District 15 and to Texas as a whole.

Serving as chair of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, Whitmire is an expert on criminal justice issues and has played a key role in bringing about reform to both the adult and juvenile justice systems.

LaCroix, a graduate of Texas A&M University and SMU Law School, is a fresh face on the local political scene. We hope he chooses to stay involved, but at this point he lacks both the knowledge and the experience to replace “the dean of the Senate.” We wholeheartedly recommend Whitmire’s renomination as the Democratic candidate in District 15, comprised of north Houston and parts of Harris County.

I got a Steve Kirkland mailer yesterday.

It looks like Sen. Dan Patrick has him a paperless folk problemo. If he gets into a run-off it will be his undoing. Hey, he deserves it!

Steve Carlton of course has thrown 1,833 walks and is number 2 all-time.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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