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EV Today

Look at it this way. Two weeks from this evening two of the following – Dewhurst, Patrick, Patterson, or Staples – are going to be toast. I am definitely OK with that.

The Chron has The Dean listed as one of their endorsed candidates. I must have missed the write-up.

Name the MLB pitcher with the most career walks pitched?

Here is what Kuffer says about the local GOP Chair race:

“I’m just going to say this: Most Democrats I know are rooting for Woodfill to win. Those of you that vote in the Republican primary, make of that what you will.”

I really don’t want to hear Dems complaining about Dem Primary turnout here in Harris County. If you don’t ask folks to go out and vote, don’t expect them to show up at the pols – period. Not that many campaigns in these parts asked Dem voters to show up to vote so you get what is expected.

I went by Ripley this morning and there were not that many campaign signs.

I hear things were hopping over in the GOP strongholds.

All I am going to say about Ted Nugent is that he is a hater. He doesn’t represent anything that is Texas.

Nolan Ryan of course is the all-time career leader in walks pitched with 2,795.

Here Is what is being handed out at The Yard this season: Schedule Magnet, Gym Bag, Tote Bag, Golf Umbrella, Jason Castro Bobblehead, Los Astros T-Shirt, Gnome, BBQ Grill Sets, BP Jersey, Orbit Antenna, Sunglasses, Big Puma Bobblehead, Beach Towel, Pettitte Jersey, Roy O Bobblehead, Altuve Jersey, Cowboy Boot Mug, Cowboy Hat, Lone Star Series T-Shirt, Nolan and Reid Ryan Bobblehead, and Team Poster.

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