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Vote Tomorrow

Of course some folks are already voting by mail but Early Voting in Person starts tomorrow. I am anxious to see what kind of Dem turnout we have here in Harris County. With a couple or so exceptions, there isn’t a whole lot of field activity going on. We will find out soon enough.

In the last couple of days I have received a mailer from The Dean, one from Kim Ogg, and a couple from David Alameel. I also received a Kim Ogg robocall.

On this President’s Day, how many times has a team from D.C. won the World Serious?

The Chron today has a front page story on the race for Chair of the Harris County GOP. Hunker Down is supporting the challenger and here is the part about Hunker Down:

At a Houston Chronicle editorial board meeting last month, Emmett complained that the local party is “driving young people away,” that hundreds of Republican precinct chair positions are vacant and at least 80 percent of the party’s money comes from its own candidates.

“The party is supposed to be supporting candidates,” he said. “Right now, the party is living off a few candidates that can raise money. I look at it and I say, ‘Look, we need a county party that understands it’s about winning elections, it’s not about giving speeches.’ ”

Republican political consultant Jim McGrath said “a lot of people have been looking for a viable alternative to Jared just because he’s not getting the job done, and we need to hold him accountable for a lack of results.”

Ouch! Stay tuned on this one.

Peggy Fikac’s column today is kind of critical of Sen. Wendy Davis. Here is a part:

You want positions on issues? Sen. Wendy Davis has ’em.

The Democratic candidate for governor in recent days has weighed in on same-sex marriage, Medicaid expansion, fair wages, the rainy day fund, decriminalizing marijuana and the potential for a ballot initiative on new taxes for roads.

But her smooth handling of myriad topics ran into bumps on abortion and guns, issues on which she got headlines only to return with key details or a correction.

In the process, she has created difficulty for herself and potentially some confusion for voters.

Ouch again!

Johnny Manziel is telling the Texans that they will regret not picking him. I say pick him.

The Washington Senators won their only World Serious in 1924 in seven over the Giants of course.

Spring Training is on!

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