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This is how State Sen. Dan Patrick’s campaign TV ad starts:

“If Sam Houston, Travis, Bowie, and Austin were here today, they would be proud of Texas and they would be ashamed of Washington.”

First of all if they were around today Houston and Austin would be 220 years old, Bowie 217, and Travis the youngster at 204. They would be real old.

It would be nice if Sen. Patrick went on ahead and ‘splain why these four would be proud and ashamed.

He can’t because he probably really doesn’t know anything about these four or their backgrounds.

Let’s say if the heavens let these four drop into the Lone Star State for a few days, what would they really think how things are going. What would they be most proud of the Lone Star State? That some folks still want to be at war with folks with Spanish language surnames?

Bowie and Travis, the two that gave their lives for our freedom at The Alamo on March 6, 1836, would they would be real proud of the amount of money that influences politics and public policy here in the Lone Star State? Would Austin would be real proud of the way we have fallen behind in addressing our transportation needs and extremely proud of choking traffic congestion in some parts around the burg that is named after him?

Houston would probably want to know why we are near the bottom in comparison to other states on high school graduation rates and near the top on teen pregnancy rates.

I don’t know if any of them would be ashamed of Washington. Austin, Bowie, and Travis all died way before Texas became a state so they would be probably asking “why in the heck did we become part of the U.S. of A.” Then all four would definitely be in a state of shock upon learning that an African American is President after all they all died when some folks in the south owned slaves.

I wonder why the Patrick campaign left out of their ad arguably the most popular Texas Independence figure – Davy Crockett. Come on! Crockett has been played in flicks by John Wayne, Fess Parker, and Billy Bob Thornton!

The fact is the four that are mentioned in the ad really have no relevance to the ad itself.

Yankee great Derek Jeter is number 9 all-time in career base hits with 3,316. Give me the last names of the eight in front of him?

I am going to have to give Sen. Cornyn a shout out for casting the right vote yesterday. Way to go!

Don’t forget this evening to join me, former Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez, Sabrina Midkiff, Al Luna, Billy Briscoe, Jerry Michael Acosta, Pam Gardner, Marisol Valero, Rachel Estes, Sylvia Lafuente, David Lafuente, Guerra and Farrah, P.L.L.C., and some of Linda’s Houston friends and family for a reception in honor of Linda Garza-Martinez, candidate for Webb County Court at Law #2, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at Mojeauxs Louisiana Drinkery, 2024 Rusk at St. Emanuel. Your attendance would be greatly appreciated.

As of yesterday Dems accounted for 7,778 primary election mail ballot applications, GOPers 19,912.

Rose, Cobb, Aaron, Musial, Speaker, Wagner, Yastrzemski, and Molitor of course are ahead of Jeter on the all-time career base hits list. Molitor has 3,319. What are the odds of Jeter passing Molitor during the Yankees-‘Stros series at The Yard in April?

That is going to be one heck of a week at The Yard. The first three games with Jeter and the Yankees then the retirements of The Big Puma and Roy O on Saturday, April 5 before the game with the Angels.

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