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Just the Facts, Please

Remember back in December when that Mustafa fella was going around telling media folks that then H-Town City Council Member James Rodriguez was going to delay the payday loan ordinance because James’ longtime pal Giovanni Garibay, Cash Advance’s governmental relations person, had promised James a gig with the industry after he left City Council. On the day of the vote, Chron columnist Lisa Falkenberg prominently mentioned the rumor about James and Gio. James didn’t delay the vote and after the ordinance passed a number of folks tweeted the Falkenberg column including a few bloggers.

Well guess what? James never went to work for the payday loan industry. It would be nice if Falkenberg and those tweeters and bloggers now gave James a special shout out and kind of apologize to him for promoting a false rumor. That would be the right thing to do. You know who you are.

A lot of folks were quick to pile on James back in December. It was kind of a rush to judgment. How about a rush to say you were wrong?

I mention this because James got another mention today in the Chron but this time in the editorial page. A few weeks ago James was named Vice President of Texas Taxi, Inc. Today’s editorial is about deregulating the local cab industry. Apparently H-Town City Hall may take up the matter in the coming weeks and months. The editorial today mentions that the cab industry has hired lobbyists and point to James’ hiring as an example. Here you go again!

City ordinance says that once a city council member leaves office, he or she has to wait a year before they can lobby city council. So the Chron E-Board today just made the assumption that James was going to violate the ordinance and start immediately lobbying … tsk, tsk, tsk!

Why not give James and Texas Taxi a little bit more credit. I think they know how to follow the ordinance.

It might have made good political theater to run with the Mustafa rumor back in December even though it was dead wrong. It may make good political theater this morning to say James is going to lobby City Hall even though he can’t until January of 2015.

Roy O is hanging up his cleats. Roy O had 657 career at-bats. How career dinger did he have?

It is six days before early voting and I still haven’t gotten any mail from candidates. What is up with that!

Nolan Ryan has joined the team. I guess that is a good thing.

Roy O had only one career dinger of course and it happened at The Yard in August of 2006 against the Pirates.

I was checking out the guest list of the White House State Dinner last night and saw a James Crane from H-Town. I wonder if that was the team owner. Cool!

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