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GOP AG Greg Abbott is not backing off his Third World corruption remarks aimed at border communities.

GOP AG wannabe Barry Smitherman is now into South Texas bashing. Here is a line from his TV ad now running in the H-Town media market.

“It is time to bring law and order to South Texas.”

Who does he think he is? Wyatt Earp!

Doesn’t he know that a number of South Texas and border counties and municipalities have a lower crime rate than the State of Texas average? It is pretty obvious. Make Brown faces look like the problem and bash them. It gets you Tea Party votes.

At the end of the flick “42” the Dodgers are shown winning the 1947 NL Pennant. Who did they meet in the World Serious?

Commentary’s niece Linda Garza-Martinez was the Chief Prosecutor of the 49th District Court Felony Division in the Webb County DA’s office. She will be in town this Thursday evening. I am sure she has something to say about Smitherman’s claim to bring law and order back to South Texas.

Join former Houston City Council Member James Rodriguez, Sabrina Midkiff, Al Luna, Billy Briscoe, Jerry Michael Acosta, Pam Gardner, Marisol Valero, Rachel Estes, Sylvia Lafuente, David Lafuente, Guerra and Farrah, P.L.L.C., and some of Linda’s Houston friends and family for a reception in honor of Linda Garza-Martinez, candidate for Webb County Court at Law #2, this Thursday, February 13, 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at Mojeauxs Louisiana Drinkery, 2024 Rusk at St. Emanuel. Linda was born in Baytown, raised in Laredo and is a graduate of the University of Texas and University of Houston Law Center.

From more about Linda go to http://www.lindaforcountycourt.com.

I would appreciate it if local folks dropped by this Thursday.

The Dodger lost to the Yankees in seven of course in the 1947 World Serious.

On the day after Michael Sam lets the sports universe know he is gay, ‘Stros pitcher Jarred Cosart tweets the gay intolerant F Bomb. What a dumbarse! Who does this fella hang with anyway?

Here is what the team said:

“We do not condone the language used on Twitter today by Jarred. It is unacceptable from anyone in our organization. We’ve spoken to Jarred about this matter, and he is extremely remorseful. He realizes his mistake and has apologized.”

We don’t need this at The Yard!

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