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Wendy Get Your Gun?

I don’t know about this. I really don’t want to live in a state where folks go around showing their heat. From the SA Express News:

Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis wants licensed Texans to be able to openly carry handguns, a position that could help her strike back against opponents in her race for governor who paint her as anti-gun.

Davis told the Associated Press that she supports a proposed “open carry” law that would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to openly wear pistols in public.

I strongly disagree with her position – period! I hope Team Davis knows what they are doing.

“Anything you can do I can do better. I can do anything better than you.”

In protest of Sen. Davis’ open carry position, I am cancelling today’s MLB question.

The GOP candidates running for Lite Guv and AG are heading so far right that in the event there is a runoff in either it would not surprise me if they rolled out an action figure of themselves riding a horse, clutching the reins with their teeth, with an S&W in each hand.

I saw Leno’s first and I will watch his last this evening.

I went out to pick up the fish wrap this morning and sleet was falling. What a winter!

That is all I have.

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