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Cheaters, Part III

Let me get this out of the way. Three MLB Hall of Fame greats have had their numero 44 retired. Name the three?

First of all, let me say that Commentary has hired Ralph the Sign Guy to put out signs for my candidates in the past and so have a bunch of other candidates – Dems and GOPers – as well as city candidates. Ralph has kind of got that sign distribution niche. I have never hired him to collect petition signatures.

Ralph was indicted yesterday for forging signatures on petitions. It is a felony rap.

Sooner or later something like this was bound to happen. Here is from the Chron from over a week ago:

The allegation first was raised by longtime Precinct 2 Place 2 Justice of the Peace George Risner, who is suing the Harris County Republican Party, claiming it violated state election law by placing candidate Leonila Olivares-Salazar on its party ballot even after being told her application included hundreds of falsified petition signatures.

It wasn’t a political party that nailed Ralph and it wasn’t local law enforcement. It was Judge Risner’s political campaign. Judge Risner had to sue the Harris County GOP but why should we expect the local GOP to be vigilant about petition signatures from a Latina candidate who is running in a JP Precinct that they are not going to win? So Judge Risner and his team did the necessary and much needed legwork.

Commentary is convinced that illegal campaign shenanigans happen all the time but I have said it before – state and local government don’t give a rat’s arse about enforcing this cr_p. Yesterday’s indictment is a good case in point. It was handed to them on a gold platter.

Mail ballot fraud and election worker intimidation of our seniors at the polls come to mind. It seems like every campaign I am alerted to an illegal campaign activity but I don’t even bother contacting the officials because they won’t do anything and local campaigns usually don’t have the resources or lawyers to investigate the allegations. So it continues.

Judge Risner did us a service and he deserves our thanks.

Now I wonder how many primary party campaigns had their sign distribution disrupted and or how many will continue with Ralph as their sign guy? Stay tuned!

Commentary mentioned yesterday to look at political party voter turnouts in the March 4 primary. On second thought, maybe we should not. As of yesterday in Harris County the GOP and their candidates had generated 17,594 vote by mail applications versus 3,631 generated by Dem candidates and the Dem Party. What is up with that?

Commentary has never been to a Twin Peaks and I don’t really plan to any time soon. I’ve been to a Hooters once and that was for a birthday gathering for someone back in the ‘90s. Twin Peaks wants to open a new location off of I-10 and Kirkwood and predictably the nearby neighborhood folks are mad and trying to stop Twin Peaks from opening up. Neighborhood folks have been showing up to H-Town City Council meetings lately to protest the Twin Peaks effort. Council appears sympathetic but sympathy will only get you so far. Good luck!

Reggie Jackson (Yankees), Willie McCovey (Giants) and Hank Aaron (The ATL and Brewers) of course have had their numero 44 retired. Hank Aaron is celebrating his 80th BD today!

The team’s TV network is now in bankruptcy – oh, well!

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