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Not Piling On

It is way too easy to pile on the Team Davis press operation. I just hope they figure out stuff. In her column today, Peggy Fikac says that Team Davis is bringing on someone to help out. That is probably a go move. It needs to be someone who has the respect of the media. Good luck!

Of the active MLBers, name the player with the most career three baggers?

Low point of yesterday was getting the news on twitter on the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I first noticed him as a storm chaser in “Twister.” So sad!

Lowlight of yesterday’s Super Bowl was Broadway Joe’s coat. Talk about wardrobe malfunction.

Maserati wasted a bunch of dough.

ScarJo was good because she is ScarJo.

Doritos hit the spot with the Lone Ranger and time machine.

Cute goes to VW and angel wings and the Russian and M&Ms.

Funny goes to Chevy Silverado stud bull and Toyota-Muppets-Terry Crews.

Coke probably pi__ed off the English only crowd.

Zimmerman was a good Eastwood Chrysler ad replacement.

Budweiser’s hero’s welcome and the puppy were the best of the evening.

Carl Crawford of course leads the MLB among active players with 117 triples of course.

Nolan is still mulling the team offer.

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