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Happy and Congrats!

Happy Birthday to our fabulous First Lady. She is 50 today!

Happy Birthday to The Greatest! The Champ is 72 today.

Happy Birthday to Betty White! She is 92 today!

Happy Birthday to the voice of Darth Vader and CNN! James Earl Jones is 83 today!

Everyone knows that the ‘Stros are on a 15 game losing streak. Name the teams that they lost to on the streak?

Congrats go to the Mayor and Kathy Hubbard for tying the knot. Of course not everyone was in the mood to give The Mayor and Kathy a congratulatory shout out. Here is what the local GOP County Chair had to say:

“Why does she wait to get married in another state after the election? Why does she give same-sex benefits to couples married in other states after the election? This is a mayor who is bringing California and New York values to Texas, and these are values Texans don’t subscribe to. Texans have defined their position on marriage in the form of a constitutional amendment.”

Shut up! She isn’t hurting you!

Well David Wilson went to his first HCC Board of Trustees meeting and so far he hasn’t exposed the corruption. What’s the hold-up?

The Angels, Cinncy, the Tribe, Rangers, and Yankees of course are part of the 15 game losing streak.

Nothing to report from The Yard.

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An Exercise

David Wilson will attend his first HCC Board of Trustees meeting today and nobody is going to stop him. Here is from today’s Chron:

A judge Wednesday declined to prohibit small businessman and anti-gay activist Dave Wilson from taking his seat at the first meeting of the board of the Houston Community College on Thursday.

State District Judge Brent Gamble turned back efforts by the Harris County Attorney’s Office to get a new temporary restraining order to keep Wilson from taking the dais as questions about his residency are litigated.

Once he gets in the door, it is going to be difficult to disqualify him. Somebody needs to do a better job of ‘splaining this whole exercise to Commentary and others. Somebody is not looking too good if you ask me. The fella won on Election Day and to some folks that is all that matters.

The Big Puma is a free agent and I don’t know if he will be in a uniform this year. What is the Big Puma’s career batting average?

The Chron E-Board spanked the far right types yesterday for being silent on the David Wilson voter registration hijinks. Check this:

King Street Patriots, have we got a case for you! True The Vote, come on down! Hey Greg Abbott! After all the debates about voter shenanigans, we’ve found a case so obvious that folks were ratted out by their own father.

As Chronicle columnist Lisa Falkenberg wrote, “Dave Wilson’s ‘home’ doesn’t look like one” (Page B3, Wednesday) , recently elected member of the Houston Community College Board of Trustees Dave Wilson listed his residence as a warehouse apartment so austere that it fails city inspection. Questioning Wilson’s residency, County Attorney Vince Ryan even tried to block Wilson from taking his oath of office.

But that’s not the story. After all, candidate residency has been a slippery beast for election cycles going back decades – City Council members who supposedly live at their work offices, members of U.S. Congress who live in Washington D.C., candidates for mayor of Houston who had to move from Piney Point Village.

Despite all the attention, Wilson isn’t doing anything new. The real meat is that his two grown children listed the W. 34th Street apartment as their residence, as well.

Did they live there? That’s not what their dad says. As Wilson told Falkenberg, they registered at the warehouse “so they could vote for their dad.”

Kids should love their parents, but not so much as to register where they don’t actually live. Sometimes folks accidentally fill out their registration form incorrectly or submit multiple registrations. But this doesn’t look like an accident. So where’s the call for investigation?
Where are our state representatives who rammed through a once-rejected voter ID law after the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act? Where are the tea party activists who cheered at a 2010 tax assessor-collector press conference about flawed registration forms? Where is Texas’ attorney general, who proudly touts his record of fighting election antics?

Maybe they think that HCC isn’t that important (it is important). Maybe some folks are unwilling to go after political allies. Or maybe many of these activists and politicians don’t actually care about voter accuracy, but only support regulations as a cudgel to suppress minority turnout.

Ryan is no saint, either. It is awfully convenient for Ryan (a Democrat) to go after Wilson (a Republican), and Wilson alone, in his residency crusade. But sometimes the nail that sticks out gets hammered, and Wilson has certainly been conspicuous in his gleeful chicanery.

For all this hoopla, registration fraud doesn’t appear to be some massive threat to Harris County’s elections. As for HCC, this spat is the least of its current problems. The real lesson is that voter ID rules can make it difficult for rural and poor citizens to cast their votes – 600,000 Texans, as the U.S. Department of Justice estimates – but do little to stop the questionable cases reported in your daily newspaper. And the usual voter ID supporters could not care less.

Silence is not golden if you ask me.

The Big Puma has a .293 career batting average of course.

The team only has four weekday day games this season – whew!

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Elections, Please

Years ago a dear friend of mine who was an elected official at the time drew a last minute opponent. The elected official howled about having an opponent. I reminded the office holder that we live in a system where elections allow for folks to run.

I always chuckle when an office holder complains about having someone file against them. They seem to hate campaigning. They seem to think that once elected, folks should not run against them. Well, find another line of work.

Which brings me to this talk about redoing the City of H-Town term limits. Some folks are saying that the current system forces members of City Council to campaign a lot – aw! That is what the job is. You have to go out and speak to civic clubs and other organizations. You don’t have to but see if you get reelected. Like I said, if you don’t like it, nobody forces you to run and be a public official.

Like I said, find another line of work. Don’t be a public servant. Why do you think they call it public service?

“Today” did a nice story on Wendy Davis this morning. I hope you checked it out.

How many times has A-ROID won the AL MVP Award?

Looks like the HCC Trustees are off the hook on the David Wilson decision. Here is from the Chron:

Houston Community College has cleared Dave Wilson to take the District 2 seat at this week’s board meeting despite legal uncertainty raised by Harris County officials about the trustee-elect’s residency and prior to a possible court ruling on Wednesday that could prevent him from serving.

“Right now, Mr. Wilson has been elected and has taken an oath of office, and there is no prohibition from any court that would prevent him from taking his seat, so – from the perspective of Houston Community College – there is no legal basis at this time to deny him the opportunity to sit as a trustee,” HCC special counsel Gene Locke said on Tuesday.

A-ROID won the AL MVP Award three times of course – with the Rangers in 2003 and with the Yankees in 2005 and 2007.

Finally, some good news from The Yard:

Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said Tuesday the club plans to relocate the large signs above left field at Minute Maid Park that were put in place as part of its Community Leaders program to a spot that won’t block views of the train, skyline or fireworks.

Ryan said the signs would be relocated across the left-field and left-center-field facade, just below the railroad tracks. The signs will be moved by Opening Day.

“We’ve listened to the fans,” he said. “This is a great program, and it’s unlike any program that’s ever been launched in professional sports that we know of, and what we wanted to do is respect everybody. These corporate partners we have are doing some unbelievable things in the city.

“Fans appreciate the program, but what they want is to be able to see the train, see the fireworks, be able to see the skyline at night. Where the signs are located, it sort of took away from what are some of the best attributes of the stadium and the things that people have come to love over the years.”


Meanwhile, the Astros’ championship banners and the “DK” sign honoring the memory of former Astros pitcher Darryl Kile will also be moved. The banners will be placed on the left-field light towers, and the “DK” sign will be placed in a prominent location to be determined in the near future.

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This is a Mess

HCC Trustees may have to decide a mess that they didn’t create. This Thursday when they meet they may have to make a decision on allowing David Wilson to join them. Check this from the Chron:

The restraining order prohibiting newly elected Houston Community College trustee Dave Wilson from taking the oath of office until questions about his residency can be resolved will remain in effect for another two weeks, a judge ruled Monday, and the legality of a private swearing-in reported by the District 2 representative is still unclear.

Meanwhile, the HCC board is scheduled to convene and elect officers on Thursday.

Whether Wilson will be allowed on or restricted from the dais is undetermined. Whether trustees can proceed with the meeting or vote on items before the District 2 trustee-elect’s legal matters are resolved also is unknown.

Calls for comment and clarification from HCC acting general counsel Destinee Waiters and Gene Locke, outside counsel for the college, were not immediately returned on Monday.

Wilson confirmed to the Chronicle that he will be attending Thursday’s meeting.

His lawyer told the judge on Monday that the small-business owner and anti-gay activist should be seated because he has taken the oath of office and that Wilson was not properly served with the restraining order when it was initially filed last month. Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office sued Wilson, citing strong evidence that the commercial warehouse he claims as his official residence is not where he lives.

After the filing, the trustee-elect submitted notarized documents to the Texas Secretary of State’s office and HCC showing that he already had been sworn in.

Reiterating what he said at a hearing last Friday, State District Court Judge Mike Engelhart said Monday that he wants to hear more information on several issues before ruling on whether Wilson can take office.

And here is this from Channel 11 yesterday:

Wilson, a conservative Republican, won a seat on the Houston Community College’s Board of Trustees. But then, the Harris County Attorney’s Office received a complaint that Wilson did not live in the district where he was elected. To keep him from assuming the seat, an injunction was filed and on Monday a judge agreed to extend it for another 14 days.

Wilson’s attorney said he will appeal the judge’s decision.

But here’s the rub—there’s an HCC board meeting on Thursday and the question is whether Wilson will show and what authority he has since Wilson claims he has taken an oath to serve.

“It would be up to the Houston Community College to decide how they’re going to deal with Mr. Wilson in that situation. They could take a position that he is not the duly elected and duly qualified trustee for District 2 and refuse to seat him. They could let him sit at the table. It depends on what votes they take,” said First Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard.

HCC Trustees didn’t ask for this. None of them vote in HCC District 2. Now it is in their lap thanks to the Harris County Attorney.

I’d like to know if they had an end game plan. It is good local political drama so stay tuned.

How old was A-ROID when he made his MLB debut?

I saw the “60 Minutes” report on A-ROID last night. It was about how A-ROID cheated and never tested positive. The report ended with saying that a part of Commissioner Bud Selig’s legacy was the tough testing in place – huh! The only reason A-ROID was caught was because he was ratted out. Oh, well.

A-ROID was 18 when he made his major league debut at Fenway in 1994 of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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Good Buzz for Dems

Check out what Peggy Fikac has in her column today.  It is in the hard copy of the Chron but here is a bit:

A source close to (Attorney General Greg) Abbott’s campaign said he has raised more than $10 million since July 1 – and that he has more than $20 million in cash on hand. A Democratic source close to the (State Sen. Wendy) Davis campaign said she has raised more than $10 million.

Wow!  I don’t think the GOP expected Davis’ campaign haul.  Here is more from Fikac:

Count on the Davis campaign to have rounded up numerous Texas donations, even if they’re smaller, to show strong grassroots support in the state. Her campaign said she has received donations from every Texas county.

Now that is impressive.  Getting contributions from 254 counties is a major accomplishment – even from Loving County – population 71.   I guess some will rightfully refer to her as the $10 Million Dollar Woman.

I missed the A-ROID story on “60 Minutes” last night.  I will have to check out the DVR. 

A-ROID has 654 career dingers.  How many has he smacked at The Yard?

Nothing has been decided on David Wilson serving over at HCC.  Here is this from this weekend’s Chron:

Wilson, who has maintained that he lives in a 1,140-square-foot warehouse apartment at 5600 W. 34th St., said Friday he was legally elected by voters and will take his seat at the board’s next meeting.

County officials, however, said Wilson does not have any right to sit on the board.

First Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard said the restraining order prohibits Wilson from taking the oath of office, so he is not a legal office holder.

“In my view, it would be like any citizen walking up there and sitting down,” Soard said. “It would be up to the HCC board to decide what they would do in that situation.”

The HCC Board of Trustees didn’t ask for this.  Why do they have to decide?  Thanks, Vince!

A-ROID has three dingers at The Yard of course.

It looks like A-ROID won’t be in Yankee gear at The Yard on Opening Day.


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On GOP Stuff

I took my Dad to an appointment yesterday just as Governor Chris Christie was ‘splaining stuff then we got back and I turned on the tube and Gov. Christie was still ‘splaining. I thought I was watching the replay but it turns out the press conference was still going on and lasted 108 minutes.

It was definitely a different Governor Christie. He wasn’t his usual overpowering sometimes bullying self. It looks like he is done in terms of anything beyond New Jersey. Stuff happens.

Name the MLB pitcher who walked the most batters this past season?

Now this is interesting from Chron.com:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has endorsed Paul Simpson, who is challenging six-term incumbent Jared Woodfill for chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, according to the Austin political website, the Quorum Report.

Reporter Scott Braddock quotes Emmett as saying that he believes the party should be making a greater effort to reach out to young people.

“Ronald Reagan would probably not be welcome in today’s Republican Party,” Braddock quotes Emmett as saying. “I would like to see the base in Harris County to be 400,000, not 150,000.”


So the County’s top GOP elected official wants to replace the GOP Chair. Hunker Down even gave $10,000 to Simpson. I hope this gets messy.

I sure would like to attend today’s hearing on David Wilson versus Vince Ryan but I can’t. I got a few C and E reports that have to be handled between now and Wednesday.

I am not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about the pompous Baseball Writers and their critics. They deserve the beating they are getting.

Lucas Harrell of the ‘Stros of course walked 88 batters to lead the bigs last season.

Here is from the team’s website:

The Hall of Fame election results weren’t just a disappointment for Craig Biggio and his fans. The Astros were planning promotions around the second baseman’s induction.

Those have to be scrapped now, at least until 2015.

“We have to change plans because we thought Craig was going in the Hall of Fame,” Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said. “So we had had a whole kind of year planned around celebrating that.”

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The polls were not off. It was that d__n freaking margin of error deal. Two lousy arse votes. Let’s just say for the 25.2% of the BBWAA voters that dissed B-G-O, the “W” in BBWAA stands for worms. Come on! What the heck is wrong with you? Commentary is so bummed about yesterday that in protest I will not put out an MLB question this morning. This blows big time.

It is January 9 and I have not seen a yard sign in my ‘hood for the upcoming Dem Party primary – nada.

All I am going to say about the New Jersey lane closures on the bridge is bush league. That’s dumbarse payback if you ask me. You gotta do better than that and for this you are not worthy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For those that are interested, HISD Trustee Anna Eastman will be sworn in for a second term next Thursday, January 16 at 12:30 pm over at HISD. I plan to attend for sure!

Former Secretary of State – CIA Director Bill Gates has a book coming out where he kind of takes shots at The President, Secretary Clinton, and Vice President Biden. He’s entitled to his opinion. He also says that he didn’t like going to testify before Congress and sit there and take the abuse. In his mind he would think about telling Congress to kiss his arse and walk off. Well why didn’t you?

I guess the ‘Stros are going to have to wait another year before they hand out the B-G-O Hall of Fame bobbleheads.

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Today is the Day

A lot of folks in H-Town are eagerly awaiting the announcement today that B-G-O will make it into the MLB Hall of Fame. A number of local news outlets were reporting live from The Yard early this morning. I will be here watching the MLB Network at 1 pm today. The local twitterverse is going to explode for sure.

B-G-O made his major league debut behind the plate on June 26, 1988 against the Giants at the Dome. Who was the ‘Stros starting pitcher that day?

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan is sure putting a lot of effort and resources into getting David Wilson disqualified from serving on the HCC Board. Vince handed some stuff off to Lisa Falkenberg for her column today. Here is the column:

No bathtub. No refrigerator. No TV.

If 67-year-old small businessman Dave Wilson really lives in a warehouse apartment on West 34th Street, and not with his wife, as he claims, it’s a pretty Spartan existence. And not a particularly clean, well-fed or entertaining one.

An inspection this week by City of Houston code enforcement didn’t help the Houston Community College trustee-elect in his quest to prove he meets district residency requirements for the job. The city ended up slapping a bright orange sticker to the glass door of the warehouse, indicating he doesn’t have permission to use it as a residence.

“Change of occupancy to reflecting living quarters on 2nd floor. Plans required,” it reads, warning that failure to comply may result in citations with minimum fines of $500-$2,000 per incident.

Photos from the city inspection, provided to me by Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office, depict sparsely furnished rooms with mostly bare walls, tabletops and counters.

“If you look at these photographs, it does not look like he’s been living there for two years,” said Ryan, who sued Wilson to try and prove the trustee-elect didn’t live in the district he ran to represent.

Ryan, whose office had requested its own tour of the residence but never got one, said he wasn’t surprised by the city’s findings.

“We believe it’s very clear cut,” Ryan said. “Every piece of evidence we see indicates he does not have his address at West 34th Street.”

Perennial candidate

Wilson is the perennial candidate who gained nationwide attention in November when he won a predominately black district after leading voters to believe he was black. He’s actually white. His shenanigans, which never seem to cease, include past residency disputes. But Wilson may have set stage for his biggest showdown yet, in a court hearing scheduled for Friday.

Ryan’s office has detailed several inconsistencies with Wilson’s residency claims: dates that don’t match up, documents that contradict each other, and improbable scenarios. Case in point: Wilson’s two adult children recently switched their official residences to the warehouse apartment, too.

Asked about that last week, Wilson admitted to me that his grown kids – one in college, one in the Army – don’t live with him at the warehouse. So why were their voting records changed to indicate that they do?

“So they could vote for their dad,” Wilson told me matter-of-factly.

Swore himself in?

Another wrinkle in the case came when state district Judge Elaine Palmer granted a temporary restraining order intended to prevent Wilson from taking the oath of office until the residency issue was cleared up.

But Wilson claimed he’d never been formally served notice in the lawsuit and wasn’t aware of the hearing or the judge’s order until after he’d already taken it upon himself to complete the paperwork that allowed him to, basically, swear himself into office.

Answers the door

County attorney officials say that if Wilson wasn’t served, it wasn’t for lack of trying. They describe a kind of catch-me-if-you-can situation where Wilson evaded attempts to serve him with court documents. But Ryan says the restraining order is valid because Wilson’s attorney was aware of the hearing.

Finally Tuesday, Ryan says Wilson answered the door at the warehouse and was served with a notice of the restraining order, a subpoena to appear Friday and a letter requesting that the county attorney inspectors be allowed in the second-story warehouse apartment.

‘Nitpicking everything’

“We haven’t heard from him and it’s hurting my feelings,” Ryan said late Tuesday, tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Wilson seemed frustrated when I called Tuesday to ask him about the city’s claims and why, for instance, he doesn’t have a shower in the place where he claims to live. He noted there is a shower elsewhere in the premises but said that’s irrelevant.

“What is this all about? They’re just looking for stuff everywhere. Nitpicking everything,” he told me. “You know, I don’t have a four-slice toaster, either. I’ve only got a two-slice toaster. Good grief.”

He said it’s outrageous that the county attorney is spending public resources, after an election, on a “selective prosecution” alleging residency offenses other candidates have pulled off with impunity. Asked for specifics on other candidates, Wilson couldn’t provide them Tuesday.

‘Politically motivated’

Ryan says he’s simply investigating a complaint brought to his office, and he’d do the same thing with complaints against any other candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Ryan is a Democrat; Wilson ran as a Republican.

“This is a witch hunt and this is politically motivated and it’s nothing but cheap partisan politics and they’re scared to death for me to get on the board,” Wilson said, promising Ryan will “get spanked” in court Friday.

He’s probably right that some people are scared to death to get him on that board. Wilson has vowed to bring transparency to the often opaque operations of the HCC board and to request independent audits of finances. Heads could roll.

It would be a welcome change. But candidates promising open, honest leadership should walk the walk. Playing fast and loose with election laws and ignoring a temporary restraining order aren’t good ways to start out. Districts exist for a reason: to give citizens a better chance at electing someone who represents them and their interests.

This latest episode, added to the list of Wilson’s other antics, makes me wonder if he’d be a breath of fresh air on that board, or a disaster.

I don’t know where this is going but Vince is making sure it keeps going. This one is probably going to get more interesting so don’t switch that dial.

In his MLB debut B-G-O of course was behind the plate for JD – Jim Deshaies.

B-G-O, B-G-O!

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A Big Deal

We may be experiencing a H-Town first tomorrow around 12 noon when the 2014 MLB Hall of Fame Class is announced and B-G-O makes it. A number of Hall of Fame voters have been releasing their picks and B-G-O is running at around 80%. You need 75% or better of the ballots cast to get in. Greg Maddux, Frank Thomas, and Tom Glavine are also being projected to make it to Cooperstown.

Baggy, Barry Bonds, The Rocket, and Mike Piazza won’t be getting their ticket punched.

B-G-O making it will be a big deal for H-Town. It will be the first time a Hall of Fame great will be inducted wearing ‘Stros gear.

B-G-O has a restaurant named after him – the 5 and 7 Grille over at The Yard. He has a statue in front of The Yard. We will have to also throw in a park, maybe a street, or a school to name after him. Like I said, it is a big deal.

I wonder what lid he’ll wear – the brick red, the blue and gold, or the orange and blue. I am thinking the brick red since that’s the lid he wore when he cracked the 3,000 base hit mark and wore in the 2005 World Serious.

B-G-O’s 3,060th career base hit on September 30, 2007 against The ATL was a single, double, triple, or dinger?

Mark your calendars for Sunday, February 9 on CBS.

The Eurythmics will reunite to pay tribute to the Beatles.

The Recording Academy announced Monday that Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart will perform as a duo for “The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles.” The event will be taped at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Jan. 27, a day after the Grammy Awards.

Longtime Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich, who is also producing the Beatles special, thought the Eurythmics would be ideal to honor the iconic group.

“When it came around to booking this show, what I felt was important was to try and find those artists who not only would be able to interpret Beatles songs, but would also have an … understanding of what they meant,” he said in an interview.

The Eurythmics sold millions of albums and had hit songs with “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)” and “Here Comes the Rain Again.” Ehrlich said Lennox and Stewart, who have launched successful solo careers, are thrilled to perform in tribute to the Beatles. Lennox has released several solo album, most recently a Christmas collection, while one of Stewart’s projects features collaborations with Martina McBride and Karen Elson.

Ehrlich wouldn’t say which Beatles tune the British duo would perform, but John Mayer and Keith Urban will pair up to perform “Don’t Let Me Down,” while Alicia Keys and John Legend will duet on “Let It Be.” Maroon 5 also will hit the stage.

The special will air on CBS on Feb. 9 — exactly 50 years after the Beatles made their U.S. debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” An estimated 73 million viewers tuned in to watch the event, which has become one of the world’s top cultural moments.

Commentary is working on my first questionnaire of the 2014 campaign season. If all goes well I should be done with it this afternoon.

I couldn’t make up my mind last night. On the one hand I was rooting for the underdog Auburn last night and on the other hand I was rooting for a team to bust up the SEC stranglehold on the national championship. It was a great game for sure.

B-G-O of course slapped a first inning double on September 30, 2007.

I wonder if they are planning anything special at The Yard for tomorrow.

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Elections 2014

Let the campaigns begin!

A couple of weeks or so ago I was checking out the list of candidates running in the Dem Primary and saw that a Ray Madrigal had filed to run for Governor. Today the Chron and SA Express news have a piece on Madrigal’s campaign. That’s probably the last we will read about Madrigal.

You have to wonder what kind of Dem Primary turnout is in store for Harris County this March. During the big one in 2008, 410,908 went to the polls to vote in the presidential primary – a 22.7% turnout. Two years later with Bill White running for governor, 101,263 or a 5.4% turnout showed up. Two years ago during the delayed primary held the day after Memorial Day, 76,476 showed up – a measly 4% turnout.

Let’s see if any of the statewide or local campaigns can get folks interested and to the polls. Show me the mail. Stay tuned!

B-G-O has gotten a couple of feature stories in the Chron the last couple of days in anticipation of Wednesday’s announcement of the 2014 MLB Hall of Fame Class. B-G-O played his last game on September 30, 2007 against what team?

Commentary has been around to see the births of our major pro sports franchises – Oilers, Astros, Rockets, Texans, and Dynamo. I have seen coaches and skippers hired and fired. The Texans formally introduced our new head coach this past Friday and expectations are at an all-time high for a new H-Town head coach, coach, or manager. He has gotten a ton of coverage. The Chron even sent a reporter to his hometown to talk to his childhood buddies.

On his first day on the job he fired eight assistant coaches.

The David Wilson saga continues today. I wonder if he picked up his parking pass over at HCC.

Liz Cheney gave up her race for the U.S. Senate. I guess the media elite won’t have her to kick around.

B-G-O played his last game against The ATL, went one for four and the ‘Stros won 3 zip of course.

That’s all there is from The Yard.

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