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The Nuts

The Chron has a story today on the two Dem candidates running for Harris County DA – Kim Ogg and Lloyd Oliver. You have to get you a hard copy or subscribe for now if you want to check it out. Here is a tiny bit:

“It’s my race to lose,” Oliver said after reporting that he has neither raised nor spent a dime on his campaign. “My strategy is to watch a lot of TV, I think. That’s all I’ve been doing.”

Will somebody please bring me a Kim Ogg sign?

Nolan Ryan is still mulling the team offer. Everybody knows that Nolan wore the numero 34. Name the two other Hall of Fame greats that had their numero 34 retired?

Lisa Falkenberg has a very good piece today on the Lite Guv debate that was held earlier this week. Again, you have to have a hard copy or subscribe but here is how it starts:

If somebody walked up to you on the street and whispered in your ear, “Let’s stop the Mexican invasion, put religion back in science class, and force dead women to bear oxygen-starved fetuses,” you would probably grab your children or small pets and walk briskly in the opposite direction. You might even run.

But if these ideas were coming instead from well-suited, clean-shaven men behind lecterns in a live TV debate, all of them members of the Republican Party, each of them running for arguably the most powerful position in Texas state government, you might do what I did: Shake your head and hope at least one of them is lying through his teeth.

As I watched that debate among four Republican lieutenant governor candidates earlier this week, I couldn’t help but wonder: How on Earth did we get here? And at this rate, where in the hell are we going?

If you follow the ‘Stros on twitter then you experienced twitter overload yesterday because of the Altuve Face of MLB campaign. It drove me nuts!

Something called Texas Politica or something like that sent out an email the other day asking folks to participate in a silly poll for the next H-Town Mayor. Why? I guess they want to be able to say “according to a poll, silly people who responded to a silly poll favor……” Oh brother!

I will say this, in Harris County the GOP is a lot more aggressive getting 65 and older folks mail ballot applications. Only three or four Dems are engaging 65 plus voters. What’s up with that!

Rollie Fingers of the Brewers and A’s and Kirby Puckett of the twins of course had their numero 34 retired.

Some group predicts that the team will win 70 games this season. Oh, well!

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