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Wuz Wrong

All I am going to say about last night was when The President called for action on immigration, the GOP members sat on their arses while the Dems stood up and applauded. The GOP isn’t serious about immigration and we know it.

Commentary was dead wrong yesterday and I admit it. I am talking about the weather. It was a good call for all to stay home yesterday. The weather was lousy and nasty. I had to go out to Downtown and Midtown yesterday morning. It snowed a little out by The Yard. It was good that most folks stayed home. Downtown was eerily empty. However, there was a good crowd at the Breakfast Klub where I attended a meeting and had some excellent grub as usual. I am glad most folks were off the roads yesterday. It would have been a big ugly mess.

I don’t do local GOP politics but apparently it is getting a little heated in the race for Harris County GOP Chair. In an email the challenger Paul Simpson calls GOP Chair Jared Woodfill a “personal injury trial lawyer” who files “frivolous lawsuits” – what a low blow! Whose playbook did he steal! Simpson also accuses Jared of lavishly spending GOP Party money on entertainment and participating in courthouse pay-to-play shenanigans. If you want a copy of the Simpson email, send me a note.

Nolan Ryan was at The Yard yesterday meeting with the front office. Name the seven teams Nolan put a no-no on?

One good thing about being Commentary’s age. We got to live The Beatles experience. Of course we all remember the Ed Sullivan appearance. Watching the “Hey Jude” short flick on the old “Smothers Brothers.” I remember after hearing “Hey Jude” play on the radio and going out and picking up the single on the old 45 and listening to it all night and hardly ever listening to “Revolution” on the B-Side. I remember going to Sears and picking up the new “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album and spending hours trying to figure out the folks on the cover and wondering what Lucy and Lovely Rita looked like.

I only got to see two of The Beatles perform. The first was back in November of 1974 at the Tarrant County Convention Center when George Harrison along with Ravi Shankar, Billy Preston, and Tom Scott rocked the house.

Fox says they will have a red carpet show for celebs entering the Super Bowl this Sunday. I don’t know about that. Is that Columbia you are wearing? I love the way you wear North Face. You look stunning in Polar Edge. How long did you get fitted for Timber Creek?

Nolan put a no-no on the Royals, Tigers, Twins, B’More, Dodgers, A’s, and Jays of course.

The team made Nolan an offer so stay tuned!

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