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This morning will be brief.

There will be commemorations on TV this week of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Invasion. Commentary is going to try to check out as many as possible because I lived it. I remember checking it out on the black and white.

Culture Map had a story this past Friday about more changes at the Chronicle. Former H-Town First Lady Andrea White will get a tryout on the E-Board. Other changes include beefing up the news staff and going light on features. They need to figure out how to get younger folks to pay attention to the Chron. Good luck!

I don’t think the big ice storm will materialize today. Every school district in the area shut down today as well as the City and County. This morning “Today” was preempted by the local news so they could give us the latest on the storm that never was. OK, there still is a slight chance for icy rain so be careful out there if you have to be out there. In fact it is starting to sprinkle here in my ‘hood.

HISD was the last ISD to decide to close then the City decided to follow suit. Today’s City Council meeting has been postponed until tomorrow morning.

Let’s see if you even remember this. Name the ‘Stros Opening Day starting pitcher last season?

Commentary was checking out the GOP debate for Lite Guv candidates last night. Who are those guys talking to? They are not even talking to some Republican buddies that I have. Those guys are all downright scary. They got everything wrong last night.

The U.S. House GOP is fixing to lay out its immigration principles and they don’t include pathway to citizenship for some. Well that is not going anywhere.

Signs for The Dean and Steve Kirkland are in my front yard. Do you have yours?

I heard The Dean’s opponent sent out a mail piece saying The Dean has too much experience. The mailer hasn’t landed in my mailbox.

With mail ballots fixing to go out, there isn’t much campaign activity out there with the exception of a few screenings and questionnaires.

AG Greg Abbott launched a Spanish language website dubbed “No Se Puede!”

Bud Norris of course started on Opening Day for the ‘Stros against the Rangers.

I have nothing from The Yard.

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