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Super Bowl Week

Sorry I am late but the network was having internet issues.

This is Super Bowl Week and some folks are talking about the weather forecast for Sunday’s game. Everybody agrees it is going to be cold. They just don’t know if it will be clear, raining, or snowing.

I think I have said it before that the folks that run the NFL are arrogant and think they are smarter than the rest of us. Holding a Super Bowl in a cold weather city in a crib without a lid is bonehead.

Personally I hope the weather is A-OK and not a factor because I don’t want folks to get hurt, sick, or inconvenienced. Super Bowls belong in cribs with lids or in California or Florida period. That’s why we have cribs with lids and California and Florida.

I really don’t think the other side knows how to deal with State Sen. Wendy Davis. I don’t think they know how to attack an attractive, articulate, smart, unmarried woman with two daughters. I’m thinking if they keep up this line of attack it is going to backfire on them. Stay tuned!

This past Saturday GOPer Chuck Maricle attended the Houston GLBT Political Caucus endorsement meeting asking for support in his race for State Representative, District 129. He got it.

The ‘Stros have 20 games this season against our old pals in the NL. Name the NL clubs we face this season?

This is from the team’s website:

The chances of Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan coming back to the Astros could soon take another step toward reality.

Reid Ryan, Astros president of business operations and son of the Texas legend, said on Friday that owner Jim Crane was scheduled to meet with his father sometime next week. Crane said earlier in the week he was hoping to meet with Ryan “pretty soon,” and that apparently will come within the next few days.

“If there’s a fit here, really, Jim and Nolan need to talk at some time in the future,” Reid Ryan said. “I keep telling people, ‘I’m not trying to get your hopes up, because this might not come about.’ I’m all for it, [general manager] Jeff [Luhnow] is in favor of it.

This season the ‘Stros face the Nats four times, D-Backs four, The ATL three, Fish three, Phillies three, and Mets three of course.

This is also from the team website on Saturday’s FanFest:

By the end of the day, pitcher Scott Feldman’s hand was sore from shaking hands and signing autographs. One of the newest Astros learned quickly at Saturday afternoon’s FanFest just how enthusiastic Houston’s fan base can be about its home team.

One day after most of the city of Houston was buried under a sheet of ice, the roof at Minute Maid Park was cranked open on a sunny afternoon to welcome more than 3,000 fans to meet their favorite Astros of the past, as well as some of the big names who could be making an impact in the future.

With Opening Day a little over two months away, I am starting to get that itch to get back to The Yard and watch the greatest game ever invented.

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