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Is That It

I don’t have much today because there isn’t much happening.

The GOP is trying to pick apart Sen. Wendy Davis’ life story. I have read various news accounts and all they have is age discrepancies on her divorce – age 21 not 19, how long she lived in a trailer park, and her mom’s education – ninth grade not sixth. Is that all they have. They are going to have to do a lot better than that if you ask me. They would be better off picking on her positions rather than her life story.

I got this from “Trouble with the Curve.” Name the four 20 game winner pitchers for the 1971 B’More?

From the “who is counting department”, The Dean’s opponent reported raising $16,000 and Rep. Alvarado’s opponent – zip.

Dem DA candidate Kim Ogg raised over $66,000 and has over $40,000 in the bank. That is kind of good. I hope she spends it wisely in the primary. We don’t want another 2012.

The Harris County DA took issue with The President on his remarks on weed usage versus booze usage. I really don’t know if that is going to score her any points these days even in Harris County. She would be better off trying to link Obamacare to an increase in crime.

Dave McNally (21-5), Pat Dobson (20-8), Mike Cuellar (20-9), and Jim Palmer (20-9) are the four pitchers of course that won 20 or more games for B’More in 1971.

Poet Maya Agelou, Motown founder Berry Gordy, and NFL Hall of Fame great Jim Brown will be honored at The Yard in late May – cool.

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