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Happy and Congrats!

Happy Birthday to our fabulous First Lady. She is 50 today!

Happy Birthday to The Greatest! The Champ is 72 today.

Happy Birthday to Betty White! She is 92 today!

Happy Birthday to the voice of Darth Vader and CNN! James Earl Jones is 83 today!

Everyone knows that the ‘Stros are on a 15 game losing streak. Name the teams that they lost to on the streak?

Congrats go to the Mayor and Kathy Hubbard for tying the knot. Of course not everyone was in the mood to give The Mayor and Kathy a congratulatory shout out. Here is what the local GOP County Chair had to say:

“Why does she wait to get married in another state after the election? Why does she give same-sex benefits to couples married in other states after the election? This is a mayor who is bringing California and New York values to Texas, and these are values Texans don’t subscribe to. Texans have defined their position on marriage in the form of a constitutional amendment.”

Shut up! She isn’t hurting you!

Well David Wilson went to his first HCC Board of Trustees meeting and so far he hasn’t exposed the corruption. What’s the hold-up?

The Angels, Cinncy, the Tribe, Rangers, and Yankees of course are part of the 15 game losing streak.

Nothing to report from The Yard.

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