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This is a Mess

HCC Trustees may have to decide a mess that they didn’t create. This Thursday when they meet they may have to make a decision on allowing David Wilson to join them. Check this from the Chron:

The restraining order prohibiting newly elected Houston Community College trustee Dave Wilson from taking the oath of office until questions about his residency can be resolved will remain in effect for another two weeks, a judge ruled Monday, and the legality of a private swearing-in reported by the District 2 representative is still unclear.

Meanwhile, the HCC board is scheduled to convene and elect officers on Thursday.

Whether Wilson will be allowed on or restricted from the dais is undetermined. Whether trustees can proceed with the meeting or vote on items before the District 2 trustee-elect’s legal matters are resolved also is unknown.

Calls for comment and clarification from HCC acting general counsel Destinee Waiters and Gene Locke, outside counsel for the college, were not immediately returned on Monday.

Wilson confirmed to the Chronicle that he will be attending Thursday’s meeting.

His lawyer told the judge on Monday that the small-business owner and anti-gay activist should be seated because he has taken the oath of office and that Wilson was not properly served with the restraining order when it was initially filed last month. Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan’s office sued Wilson, citing strong evidence that the commercial warehouse he claims as his official residence is not where he lives.

After the filing, the trustee-elect submitted notarized documents to the Texas Secretary of State’s office and HCC showing that he already had been sworn in.

Reiterating what he said at a hearing last Friday, State District Court Judge Mike Engelhart said Monday that he wants to hear more information on several issues before ruling on whether Wilson can take office.

And here is this from Channel 11 yesterday:

Wilson, a conservative Republican, won a seat on the Houston Community College’s Board of Trustees. But then, the Harris County Attorney’s Office received a complaint that Wilson did not live in the district where he was elected. To keep him from assuming the seat, an injunction was filed and on Monday a judge agreed to extend it for another 14 days.

Wilson’s attorney said he will appeal the judge’s decision.

But here’s the rub—there’s an HCC board meeting on Thursday and the question is whether Wilson will show and what authority he has since Wilson claims he has taken an oath to serve.

“It would be up to the Houston Community College to decide how they’re going to deal with Mr. Wilson in that situation. They could take a position that he is not the duly elected and duly qualified trustee for District 2 and refuse to seat him. They could let him sit at the table. It depends on what votes they take,” said First Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard.

HCC Trustees didn’t ask for this. None of them vote in HCC District 2. Now it is in their lap thanks to the Harris County Attorney.

I’d like to know if they had an end game plan. It is good local political drama so stay tuned.

How old was A-ROID when he made his MLB debut?

I saw the “60 Minutes” report on A-ROID last night. It was about how A-ROID cheated and never tested positive. The report ended with saying that a part of Commissioner Bud Selig’s legacy was the tough testing in place – huh! The only reason A-ROID was caught was because he was ratted out. Oh, well.

A-ROID was 18 when he made his major league debut at Fenway in 1994 of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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