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Good Buzz for Dems

Check out what Peggy Fikac has in her column today.  It is in the hard copy of the Chron but here is a bit:

A source close to (Attorney General Greg) Abbott’s campaign said he has raised more than $10 million since July 1 – and that he has more than $20 million in cash on hand. A Democratic source close to the (State Sen. Wendy) Davis campaign said she has raised more than $10 million.

Wow!  I don’t think the GOP expected Davis’ campaign haul.  Here is more from Fikac:

Count on the Davis campaign to have rounded up numerous Texas donations, even if they’re smaller, to show strong grassroots support in the state. Her campaign said she has received donations from every Texas county.

Now that is impressive.  Getting contributions from 254 counties is a major accomplishment – even from Loving County – population 71.   I guess some will rightfully refer to her as the $10 Million Dollar Woman.

I missed the A-ROID story on “60 Minutes” last night.  I will have to check out the DVR. 

A-ROID has 654 career dingers.  How many has he smacked at The Yard?

Nothing has been decided on David Wilson serving over at HCC.  Here is this from this weekend’s Chron:

Wilson, who has maintained that he lives in a 1,140-square-foot warehouse apartment at 5600 W. 34th St., said Friday he was legally elected by voters and will take his seat at the board’s next meeting.

County officials, however, said Wilson does not have any right to sit on the board.

First Assistant County Attorney Robert Soard said the restraining order prohibits Wilson from taking the oath of office, so he is not a legal office holder.

“In my view, it would be like any citizen walking up there and sitting down,” Soard said. “It would be up to the HCC board to decide what they would do in that situation.”

The HCC Board of Trustees didn’t ask for this.  Why do they have to decide?  Thanks, Vince!

A-ROID has three dingers at The Yard of course.

It looks like A-ROID won’t be in Yankee gear at The Yard on Opening Day.


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