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On GOP Stuff

I took my Dad to an appointment yesterday just as Governor Chris Christie was ‘splaining stuff then we got back and I turned on the tube and Gov. Christie was still ‘splaining. I thought I was watching the replay but it turns out the press conference was still going on and lasted 108 minutes.

It was definitely a different Governor Christie. He wasn’t his usual overpowering sometimes bullying self. It looks like he is done in terms of anything beyond New Jersey. Stuff happens.

Name the MLB pitcher who walked the most batters this past season?

Now this is interesting from Chron.com:

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett has endorsed Paul Simpson, who is challenging six-term incumbent Jared Woodfill for chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, according to the Austin political website, the Quorum Report.

Reporter Scott Braddock quotes Emmett as saying that he believes the party should be making a greater effort to reach out to young people.

“Ronald Reagan would probably not be welcome in today’s Republican Party,” Braddock quotes Emmett as saying. “I would like to see the base in Harris County to be 400,000, not 150,000.”


So the County’s top GOP elected official wants to replace the GOP Chair. Hunker Down even gave $10,000 to Simpson. I hope this gets messy.

I sure would like to attend today’s hearing on David Wilson versus Vince Ryan but I can’t. I got a few C and E reports that have to be handled between now and Wednesday.

I am not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about the pompous Baseball Writers and their critics. They deserve the beating they are getting.

Lucas Harrell of the ‘Stros of course walked 88 batters to lead the bigs last season.

Here is from the team’s website:

The Hall of Fame election results weren’t just a disappointment for Craig Biggio and his fans. The Astros were planning promotions around the second baseman’s induction.

Those have to be scrapped now, at least until 2015.

“We have to change plans because we thought Craig was going in the Hall of Fame,” Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said. “So we had had a whole kind of year planned around celebrating that.”

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