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The polls were not off. It was that d__n freaking margin of error deal. Two lousy arse votes. Let’s just say for the 25.2% of the BBWAA voters that dissed B-G-O, the “W” in BBWAA stands for worms. Come on! What the heck is wrong with you? Commentary is so bummed about yesterday that in protest I will not put out an MLB question this morning. This blows big time.

It is January 9 and I have not seen a yard sign in my ‘hood for the upcoming Dem Party primary – nada.

All I am going to say about the New Jersey lane closures on the bridge is bush league. That’s dumbarse payback if you ask me. You gotta do better than that and for this you are not worthy of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

For those that are interested, HISD Trustee Anna Eastman will be sworn in for a second term next Thursday, January 16 at 12:30 pm over at HISD. I plan to attend for sure!

Former Secretary of State – CIA Director Bill Gates has a book coming out where he kind of takes shots at The President, Secretary Clinton, and Vice President Biden. He’s entitled to his opinion. He also says that he didn’t like going to testify before Congress and sit there and take the abuse. In his mind he would think about telling Congress to kiss his arse and walk off. Well why didn’t you?

I guess the ‘Stros are going to have to wait another year before they hand out the B-G-O Hall of Fame bobbleheads.

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