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Elections 2014

Let the campaigns begin!

A couple of weeks or so ago I was checking out the list of candidates running in the Dem Primary and saw that a Ray Madrigal had filed to run for Governor. Today the Chron and SA Express news have a piece on Madrigal’s campaign. That’s probably the last we will read about Madrigal.

You have to wonder what kind of Dem Primary turnout is in store for Harris County this March. During the big one in 2008, 410,908 went to the polls to vote in the presidential primary – a 22.7% turnout. Two years later with Bill White running for governor, 101,263 or a 5.4% turnout showed up. Two years ago during the delayed primary held the day after Memorial Day, 76,476 showed up – a measly 4% turnout.

Let’s see if any of the statewide or local campaigns can get folks interested and to the polls. Show me the mail. Stay tuned!

B-G-O has gotten a couple of feature stories in the Chron the last couple of days in anticipation of Wednesday’s announcement of the 2014 MLB Hall of Fame Class. B-G-O played his last game on September 30, 2007 against what team?

Commentary has been around to see the births of our major pro sports franchises – Oilers, Astros, Rockets, Texans, and Dynamo. I have seen coaches and skippers hired and fired. The Texans formally introduced our new head coach this past Friday and expectations are at an all-time high for a new H-Town head coach, coach, or manager. He has gotten a ton of coverage. The Chron even sent a reporter to his hometown to talk to his childhood buddies.

On his first day on the job he fired eight assistant coaches.

The David Wilson saga continues today. I wonder if he picked up his parking pass over at HCC.

Liz Cheney gave up her race for the U.S. Senate. I guess the media elite won’t have her to kick around.

B-G-O played his last game against The ATL, went one for four and the ‘Stros won 3 zip of course.

That’s all there is from The Yard.

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