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What Did You Expect?

David Wilson said a big F-You to Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, a state district judge, and a TRO yesterday by submitting his oath of office papers. I am not surprised, are you? I wonder if he will be dropping by HCC today to snag his parking space. Here is what he told the Chron:

“They really don’t want me on that board because there’s so much corruption over there and I’m going to uncover it.”

I guess if Vince is successful we will never know if there is corruption over at HCC so stay tuned!

How many games at The Yard this past season were played with the roof open?

Commentary really doesn’t talk a lot about Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency because that is really not my thing. I was watching “60 Minutes” a few weeks ago and a NSA higher up mentioned making a deal with Snowden. Yesterday the New York Times E-Board called for clemency for Snowden. I will say this. The TV talking heads that support clemency come off better than those that oppose. That’s just my opinion.

Speaking of the F word, check this from MSN:

“The Wolf of Wall Street” has broken a record.

Martin Scorsese’s latest film now sets the “all-time record” for the use of the F-word, Variety reports. According to the film’s Wikipedia page, “The Wolf of Wall Street” uses the word 506 times in 180 minutes. Spike Lee’s 1999 “Summer of Sam” previously held the record with 435 F-bombs.

Scorsese’s excessive film isn’t the only movie in his portfolio to make the list of flicks with the most F-words. “Casino” has 422 instances, while “Goodfellas” has 300.

The roof was open for 14 out of 81 games at The Yard this past season of course.

That is all I have.

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