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The Voters Day 6

Commentary has been busy with the 2013 elections so I have not really paid attention to 2014 other than to check out the latest filings. I will say this. We can’t be a blue county unless we contend for all positions including the ones that could go either way. Does the Party even have a recruitment committee? Oh, well.

I did notice that Justice of the Peace Armando Rodriguez drew an opponent. It looks like it is Diana Davila, the former HISD Trustee. Judge Rodriguez is one of the longest serving elected officials in Harris County. This one ought to be interesting. Stay tuned!

Bobby Cox is headed to the Hall of Fame. Cox played in the MLB for two seasons in the 1960s. What position did he mostly play?

The District A runoff has put Mendenhall at 1,152 voters. Don’t ask me who that helps out.

In the HCC District 1 runoff only 99 at Holy Name and 72 at Hardy – interesting. You have to think that has an impact.

Mail ballots lead early vote in person 8,150 to 7,357.

We are at 1.6% turnout.

I got a Zeph Capo mailer and robo call yesterday.

I am sure some folks aren’t going to like that the President shook hands with Raul Castro. Hey, it was at a funeral!

Bobby Cox played third base of course.

Nothing new from The Yard.

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The Voters Day 5

Day 5 of early voting is in the books. 11,657 have cast their vote – that’s a 1.2% turnout.

Yesterday only 511 voted early in person – brrrrr.

Three voted in Clear Lake, four at Ripley, one in Alief, six at Holy Name, and two at Hardy.

Through five days the District A runoff has Mendenhall at the top with 915.

West Gray is at 745.

The District D runoff has Sunnyside at 531 and Palm Center at 512.

The District I runoff has HCC at 456.

Holy Name is at 75 and Hardy is at 60.

How many games did Chad Qualls pitch in during the 2005 World Serious?

I have to say it was a classy move for Coach Kubiak to buy a full page ad in yesterday’s Chron Sports Section and thank everybody.

Today is the filing deadline for running for office in 2014.

This past weekend I got the GLBT mailer, a Roy Morales for At-Large 3 mailer, a Paul Kubosh for At-Large 3 mailer, and an Andrew Burks for At-Large 2 mailer. I also got robo calls from Morales and Zeph Capo.

Chad Qualls pitched in Games 1, 2, and 3 of course of the 2005 World Serious.

Qualls is a ‘Stro again.

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The Voters Day 2

There was a goof in my take yesterday. I said Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 40 folks voting when it really was 77. They put out wrong numbers then corrected – sorry.

Day 2 was pretty much like Day 1.

Mendenhall led the way with 227.

Palm Center and Sunnyside had 286 combined. That is probably good news for CM Andrew Burks and the result of the District D runoff.

Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 80 folks voting.

West Gray had 133. HCC had 108.

Holy Name only had 18.

Hardy had 14.

The mail ballots doubled with 2,601.

The turnout now is .7%

Stay tuned and go vote.

Among the active MLB players currently signed to a team, who is third in the career hits category?

I got a Zeph Capo mailer yesterday.

I was watching a lot of the Nelson Mandela coverage on CNN last night. Then I switched to the “Sound of Music.” Then to the last few minutes of the Texans – pitiful. We need a quarterback.

Lisa Falkenberg has another outstanding column today but too bad you have to be a subscriber or own a hard copy to read it. She really puts a deserved spanking on a local judge. Nice job.

I just learned today that the Chron’s Tony Freemantle is from South Africa. You need to check out his column today on Nelson Mandela.

Ichiro Suzuki of course has 2,742 hits and is behind Derek Jeter with 3,316 and A-Roid with 2,939.

I’m still waiting for good news from The Yard.

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The Voters

Day 1 of Early Voting in Person is in the books and here is what is happening.

1,344 showed up plus 1,310 mailed in ballots. That is 2,654 total. That is close to 3/10ths of 1%. Go democracy!

Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 40 folks voting.

Palm Center and Sunnyside led the way with 303 combined. That is probably good news for CM Andrew Burks and the result of the District D runoff.

Mendenhall had 203 because of the District A runoff.

West Gray had 139. HCC had 101 because of the District I and HCC runoffs.

Holy Name only had 13.

Hardy had 18 so I don’t know what that means for the HCC District 1 runoff.

Stay tuned and go vote!

‘Stros fans know that Jimmy Wynn’s numero 24 is retired. Name the last ‘Stro to wear the numero 24?

Commentary has to admit that I’m a fan of NBC’s Jenna Bush Hagar. I think she does a good job. Today she said that former First Dog Barney was a “real jerk.”

Commentary is also a fan of the “Sound of Music.” So I’ll have to watch tonight’s live performance on NBC.

Jason Lane of course was the last ‘Stro to wear the numero 24.

No big deals were announced yesterday – yawn!

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Go Vote

Early Voting in Person starts today and the experts are predicting turnout in single digits. I believe that. Some voters from Round 1 don’t even know there is a runoff going on.

The Chron E-Board trotted out their runoff endorsements today.

Jacoby Ellsbury is fixing to be a Yankee. What college did he attend?

Graci Garces’ opponent went negative yesterday with a mailer. I guess he felt he had to go negative.

This is getting comical. I am talking about the county once again trying to figure out what to do with the Dome. I kind of thought the voters sent them a strong message last month. Now the County is going to listen to some folks that want to turn it into a fitness center. You gotta be kidding.

Commentary hasn’t had the time to think about the 2014 elections. I have kind of been busy. You need to go to Kuffer to check out the latest on who is running. Go to: http://offthekuff.com/wp/?p=57368. I am kind of disappointed that more Dems are not running for some positions locally and statewide. I sure would hate to see The Kinkhole be one of our nominees. What happened to the Dem recruitment efforts? We can’t grow unless we have good folks running. Come on!

Jacoby Ellsbury went to Oregon State of course.

I don’t think it is a big deal to get a player in a trade who batted .263 with 12 dingers and 42 RBIs last season.

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On Adriana Tamez

Most folks know that Adriana Tamez, candidate for Houston Community College District 3 Trustee, is Commentary’s client. I have known Adriana for like a couple of decades or so. I think she is an exceptional candidate. She is bright, articulate and a great communicator. Adriana has been a teacher, a principal, and a regional superintendent under Abe Saavedra over at HISD.

She has picked up just about all of the endorsements from organizations. She has the support of many leaders from across the district and city.

In the first round she led her opponent by over 400 votes – 39% to 34%. So what does Adriana’s opponent do? She attacks Adriana. It sounds like they are desperate.

A couple of mailers have now been sent out blaming all of HISD’s past ills on Adriana. Adriana had an outstanding career at HISD and she is being supported by the most highly respected leaders in the city. It is sad to see her opponent concoct accusations. It is kind of difficult to exploit something when there is nothing to exploit. Sorry!

Yesterday Commentary mentioned the 1960 World Serious that the Pirates won in seven. Name the player that smacked a grand salami in Game 3?

Yesterday the Chron ran a story on unlicensed horse tracks. I found this interesting from the piece:

The two Houston area tracks and the North Texas business all involved Hispanic owners and participants. Experts say horse betting is deeply ingrained in Latino culture.

I didn’t know that was part of our culture.

Now let me get my political calendar set. Early Voting in Person starts tomorrow. The filing deadline for running in 2014 is next Monday. Early Voting in Person ends next Tuesday. Election Day is Saturday, December 14. Got it!

Apparently The Dean has an opponent in the primary. Oh, well!

The Dean got some good run in the Chron today on getting the Rice University PD to open up their records. Of course you have to subscribe or have a hard copy of the Chron to get the scoop.

Yankee second baseman Bobby Richardson of course smacked a grand salami in the first inning of Game 3.

Nothing from The Yard except for some online sales on team gear.

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Lamar What?

HISD’s Lamar High School and the NFL’s DC franchise have the same mascot. Today the Chron E-Board says it is time for Lamar High to get a new mascot. Check out the E-Board take:

The holiday season is supposed to be a time of generosity and compassion, yet it took a convenient history to celebrate a shared meal between pilgrims and Native Americans while ignoring the bloody underbelly of manifest destiny. That Thanksgiving disconnect becomes all the more obvious when we cheer football mascots that stand on objectification and exploitation of native people.

While the debate continues over the NFL’s Washington Redskins, it is time to have that same discussion about Houston’s own Lamar Redskins. This wouldn’t be the first time that Lamar High School, named after the second president of the Republic of Texas Mirabeau B. Lamar, has faced questions over its mascot name. As Chronicle sports columnist Randy Harvey wrote in October, some students in 1999 unsuccessfully pushed to change the name. According to Capital News Service, 28 high schools in 18 states have dropped the Redskins nickname within the past 25 years. Yet Lamar’s name is particularly offensive given that President Lamar’s first major act as president was a campaign to slaughter the native tribes in Texas. On its own, “Redskins” is inappropriate, but “Lamar Redskins” is blatantly so.

Society is now shocked by things that seemed acceptable 50 years ago – and vice versa. And in another 50 years there’s sure to be a whole new realm of controversial issues to drive social debate. Good people make honest decisions that we now see in a different light. But the fact of the matter is that the Americas were once filled with native tribes and civilizations, all of whom fell at some point to European disease, the march of Western expansion or integration at the barrel of a rifle. We celebrate the friendship between the pilgrims and Indians on Thanksgiving, but rarely mourn when that friendship ended. Instead, we treat these very real people as a mascot. Out of sheer kindness to fellow man, it is time to end that practice.

I am curious to see who is going to step forward and defend the mascot choice. The mascot name is an embarrassment and ought to be canned.

Speaking of best games of all time, when Bill Mazeroski hit his Game 7 World Serious winning dinger over the left field wall in the bottom of the 9th against the Yankees at Forbes Field in 1960, who was in left for the Yankees?

Early Voting in Person starts on Wednesday and Election Day is in twelve days and the last campaign contribution and expenditure reports are due Friday.

I actually was watching the game Saturday and rooting for underdog Auburn. I thought the game was heading to OT and I was trying to remember the OT rules for college football. I tweeted within a minute after the winning TD. Was it the best game of all time? I will say it was the last greatest game ending of all time. After all, running back missed field goals for a TD just doesn’t happen.

Yogi Berra of course was in left field for the Yankees and watched Maz’s dinger sail over his head.

The Texans have the inside track to the number one draft pick next May. In June the ‘Stros will pick first. What a coincidence!

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