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Our Teams

If you are a ‘Stros fan like Commentary you most definitely want to forget about 2013. We lost 111 games including the last 15. The only head-to-head series we won were against the Angels and White Sox. We won on opening night and escaped a perfect game on the second night. I really can’t say that it is going to be much better at The Yard in 2014.

Name the ‘Stros player that broke up Yu Darvish’s perfecto with two outs in the bottom of the ninth back in April?

Back in August and early September we were all thinking that today we would be all hyped up and getting ready for the NFL playoffs. Some were even thinking that we would be enjoying a bye week off. Instead we’re looking for a coach, a QB, and a number one draft pick. It was a horrible season. This was not supposed to happen.

The Rockets so far appear to be playing like a playoff contender. With our luck they will make the playoffs and excite the fans then exit in the first round. Oh, the pain of being an H-Town pro sports fan these days.

The 2014 election will get in gear next week. I am thinking that the race for Harris County DA in the Dem Primary has to be the most important. We need to make sure we elect a candidate that we can support in the fall if you know what I mean. I have not seen any yard signs.

Marwin Gonzalez of course busted up the Darvish bid for perfection.

I forgot. We still don’t have a TV deal.

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