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And Justice for All

I got a nice holiday robo call from The Dean yesterday. He left me his phone number and address in case I needed something. Thanks, Dean! Oh yeah, I forgot, The Dean has a primary opponent.

The Chron has a front page story about the Mayor looking to move forward with a new police and municipal courthouse project all in one location. That’s probably a good thing. I have never figured out why HPD Headquarters is in a skyscraper in Downtown H-Town. The 61 Riesner site is kind of run down. The Chron does not get into where the new complex would be located. I am thinking maybe just east or north of Downtown.

Who led the MLB in stolen bases this past season?

Kuffer mentions today that developers are looking to put new apartments and maybe a grocery store and maybe a movie house on I-10 and Studemont right across from the Kroger. Great! That’s all we need – more freaking traffic congestion at an intersection with a lot of freaking congestion. I don’t see how this can be considered a good thing.

MariGirl gave me Dynamo, Texans, ‘Stros, and Rockets gear – plus a “Big Bang Theory” calendar – cool.

New Yankee Jacoby Ellbury of course had 52 stolen bases last year as a Red Sox of course.

There is absolutely nothing from The Yard today.

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