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On Christmas

The Campos family gathers in Baytown on Christmas Day. We open our gifts and eat a bunch of tamales on Christmas Day. Some folks of course open their gifts on Christmas Eve. Everybody has their own traditions.

Commentary had a nice dinner last night with MariGirl. She will be starting a new political gig at the beginning of the New Year so stay tuned.

As of today, over 123 million folks live in states (plus the District of Columbia) that allow same sex marriage. That’s up from zero at the beginning of 2003. Trending! Winning!

What MLB club had the highest attendance this past season?

Former HISD Superintendent Abe Saavedra is now the interim superintendent of the South San Antonio ISD.

Yesterday Commentary went with Dr. Adriana Tamez to the HCC Board of Trustees meeting to canvass the votes. I ran into Dave Wilson and said hello.

The Dodgers of course had 3,743,527 fans attend their games.

Their still isn’t anything from The Yard and I don’t have very much else to say except Merry Christmas!

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