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Christmas Eve Eve

Commentary is thinking that Houston Community College (HCC) Trustee Carroll Robinson wasn’t too happy to be the lead story in yesterday’s Chron on being the subject of an HCC internal investigation. Here is how the Chron story by Ericka Mellon starts out:

Houston Community College has hired a law firm to investigate an accusation that trustee Carroll Robinson tried to steer part of a multimillion dollar construction contract to a company owned by a close friend, according to HCC records and interviews.

HCC, one of the largest community colleges in the nation, has been plagued in recent years by concerns that board members improperly meddled in contracts. The latest issue comes after the board tightened its ethics rules and voters entrusted the college last year with a $425 million bond issue for construction projects.

The company that HCC hired to oversee its bond program, Jacobs Project Management, proposed paying a little-known firm called Five Woods as a subcontractor to handle public outreach. Five Woods – owned by Robinson’s friend, Laolu Davies-Yemitan – could have earned up to $1.4 million over several years, according to Davies-Yemitan and HCC records.

But the plan drew concerns from Michelle Morris, an attorney the college had retained to monitor procurement.

Commentary is glad to see that there is an investigation. Hope it is thorough. Here is more from the Chron:

“If the behavior that was suggested occurred, it is improper behavior for a board member,” said Bruce Austin, the board’s chairman.

I am thinking Trustee Austin is still smarting over Trustee Robinson meddling in his race – ouch!

More from the Chron:

“There are a lot of people at HCC playing politics,” Robinson said, “and because I don’t play ball with them and I’m very independent and I speak my mind, some people feel that it ought to be their business to knock trustees down a peg.”

Well why don’t you name some names? Who are your foes?

And finally from the Chron:

Morris, in her email about Jacobs, also said she had heard that architects were being told which subcontractors to hire. She did not provide details such as who was making the demands. “Her memo suggests it may only be the tip of the iceberg,” said Austin.

Commentary can pretty much guess who else is involved. I am glad to see the Chron on this so stay tuned?

This MLB Hall of Fame great is in the top five category for career games played, runs scored, walks, and stolen bases. He turns 55 on Christmas Day. Name the player?

This fella sent this over to get posted on the website:

You well know his political career is OVER. So is yours; you keep getting beat time-and-time again!

He is talking about CM James Rodriguez. I don’t know and James doesn’t know what is next in terms of his politics. I do know that some folks wanted him to run in 2014 and James politely declined. I do know that James isn’t one of those that has to stay in office.

Sure I lost the council race a week or so ago but I also won an HCC race over an incumbent. Last month my client HISD Trustee Anna Eastman had a 78% vote total. My obit has been written up before and there have been those that have suggested for years that I’m washed up. Oh, well.

Here is what I don’t get. If I don’t care for someone that puts out takes, I don’t go visit their takes. I may not agree at times with folks like Kuffer or Two Cents but I respect them so I check out what they have to say.

There are a couple of folks that clearly can’t stand Commentary but they keep visiting and sending me their comments. Stop torturing yourself.

Commentary went with My Best Friend to the Texans game yesterday and saw Peyton Manning set a NFL record for most TD passes in a season – 51.

Hall of Fame great Rickey Henderson of course turns 55 on Christmas Day.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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