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Of Course Credit

Commentary made a full disclosure earlier in the week.

Commentary is all for folks wanting to put out their takes even if some are a bit silly.

The City of H-Town payday lending issue first hit City Hall in late 2011. There was an initial draft, then another draft, then a compromise draft that was laid out in late 2012.

A months or so ago the compromise draft was snatched off of the table and a new ordinance was laid out.

It wasn’t until CM James Rodriguez missed last week’s meeting that folks jumped out of their hammocks and said what the heck.

Lisa Falkenberg of the Chron finally weighed in on the payday loan ordinance on the day of the vote and a number of folks tweeted to give her props when the measure passed at City Council. “Here she comes to save the day!”

Those twitter folks totally disregarded the two years the Mayor, her staff, and other groups put into the effort …tsk, tsk, tsk.

I like Lisa Falkenberg and I have probably given her more props than most folks that tweeted and commented yesterday.

I think yesterday’s piece would have been Ok if she had not published a passed on rumor involving CM Rodriguez and Giovanni Garibay. She could have made her point by just saying she had talked to customers and James had not.

Like I said yesterday, that’s not how James and Gio roll. What I most like about the two is the time they give mentoring young men and women that are interested in a public service or political career. I don’t think anyone out there in the business gives as much of their time. They genuinely care about bringing young folks into this business. Of course, nobody gives a tweet about that.

The “Sandy” in Sandy Koufax is short or nickname for what?

Commentary is looking for a new president of my fan club. The current president isn’t showing me any respect. Here is what he put on my website:

I just don’t think you — of all the people walking this Earth — have any business WHATSOEVER calling anybody else chickenshit. From pdiddie.

Of course, if he paid attention he would know that I didn’t call anyone chicken s__t, I called the column chicken s__t. Oh, well.

I have never watched “Duck Dynasty” and do not know what it is all about. One of the Ducks said something that has gotten him indefinitely suspended. Hey Ducks, change is in the air and unless you create your own hate network, you are not going to get aired.

Sandy stands for Sanford Koufax of course.

Here is from the ‘Stros website:

The Astros continued to fortify their Major League roster on Wednesday, acquiring first baseman/outfielder Jesus Guzman from the San Diego Padres in exchange for infielder Ryan Jackson.


“He’s a right-handed hitter and [Brett] Wallace is a left-handed hitter,” general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “They can platoon at first or one can win the job with a good spring.”


“He has a chance to have an impact,” Luhnow said. “He should get plenty of at-bats.”

Guzman played in 126 games for the Padres in 2013, collecting 17 doubles, nine home runs and 35 RBIs while batting .226.


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