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Chickens__t Drive-By Column

I made my full disclosure yesterday.

The Lisa Falkenberg column today on CM James Rodriguez is a chickens__t drive-by if you ask me. Falkenberg spent an hour or so in a parking lot of one of those payday lending storefronts and decided what James was all about. She has that right but she is also dead wrong.

It would have been nice if she would have spent an hour at the union hall on Freeman and asked the first responders what they thought of James’ six years of service. Maybe spend an hour on a soccer field in the East End and ask the youth soccer league leaders what they thought about James’ involvement in helping them survive budget cuts and then grow. How about spending an hour visiting with civic club leaders throughout the district. She could also spend an hour with the Dynamo to discuss how James has helped the Dynamo build positive relationships in District I. I could go on and on and provide Falkenberg with District I locales where she could spend an hour.

Falkenberg also hints that James relationship with his friend Giovanni Garibay is behind James’ position on this issue. I am proud to say that I gave James and Gio their first political gigs. I know them well and that is not how they roll. James and Gio have never been near a political scandal or ethical violation and for Falkenberg to wonder aloud about this is on the day James attends his last council meeting is BS and a disservice.

At yesterday’s city council meeting James called out local consultant/lobbyist Mustafa Tameez. A few members of the media told James that Tameez told them that James had been bought and paid for by the payday lending industry. I am going to guess that Tameez was Falkenberg’s source.

Tameez doesn’t know James, Gio, their politics, their values, and their personal relationship. For Tameez to spread those mischaracterizations about these two speaks volumes about his own values – which do not amount to much.

I really don’t know where Falkenberg or Tameez have been hanging out the last couple of years when this issue first visited City Hall. James’ position has been consistent from Day 1. He just doesn’t think it is a city service function. Just because you don’t agree that doesn’t mean James has sold out. That’s bush league on Falkenberg’s part. I really expected better.

I will say this. Tameez did his job. He put out garbage and it got picked up in a Chron column this morning. Congratulations!

Name the ‘Stro pitcher that started their first ever MLB playoff game.

Empower Texas has decided to visit Texas House District 145. They sent a mailer asking folks to call State Rep. Carol Alvarado, the Co-Chair of the House Select Committee on Transparency in State Agency Operations.

The committee is holding hearings on the possible impeachment of UT Regent Wallace Hall. Empower Texas wants District 145 voters to call Alvarado and give her their two cents.

I am thinking there is more to this than one mailer. I wonder how many other committee members were targeted.

I am also thinking that other folks may be involved.

I am sure this doesn’t sit well with Megyn Kelly with Fox News. This is from an AP story:

A Houston hotel has created a half-ton dark chocolate sculpture of Santa Claus in a chair, complete with elves.

Pastry experts at the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston used dark chocolate and a special chocolate dough to fashion the exhibit, which is on display until Dec. 30.

On October 7, 1980 in Philly, Ken Forsch started Game 1 of the NLCS of course.

Nothing from The Yard today.

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