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On Pam

My good friend Pam Gardner was featured last night on NBC Nightly News on breast cancer. You need to check it out here: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3032619/#53815607. You have to wait for the story to pop up.

Here is what Kuffer says about tomorrow:

I’d make David Robinson, Michael Kubosh, Helena Brown, and Dwight Boykins the favorites, with District I too close to call.

I try not to make predictions.

The Chron ran a story on the District I race. Not much breaking news.

The Chron also ran a story on the HCC runoffs and the incumbents in Districts 1 and 3 could not be reached for comment. I guess they are not talking to the Chron because they were not endorsed by the E-Board.

Yesterday I got A Robinson mailer and robo call, a Capo mailer, a squealer mailer, and a Morales mailer and robo call.

Who has the lower career ERA – Tom Glavine or Greg Maddux?

I kind of have to agree a little with what the Chron E-Board put out today. Here are parts:

Even here in Harris County, which has become dark purple swing territory, the Democratic Party failed to run candidates for almost half of the Republican-held criminal district court seats. Whatever your party allegiance, this should be a distressing sign of underwhelming civic engagement.


The right campaign, even if it loses, can lay the foundation for the next generation of politicians. How many of the Republican Party’s leaders got their start on Sen. Barry Goldwater’s failed presidential bid? How many young Republicans are still inspired by Goldwater’s campaign speeches? He may have lost 44 states, but he planted the seed for decades of victories. It is a lesson that Texas Democrats need to learn – it may be expensive, but in their hearts they know it’s right.

Greg Maddux has a 3.16 ERA to Tom Glavine’s 3.54 of course.

The Rockets are now the lead negotiator on the TV deal.

Go vote tomorrow!

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