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On the At-Larges

Commentary voted the other day and I didn’t skip any races including the At-Large race that has two GOPers so I voted for a GOPer and it didn’t feel good but I still had to do it. I am not going to announce my selection but I did tell a few close associates.

Joe Torre is headed to the Hall of Fame. Name the five teams Torre has managed?

Everybody in the State of Texas knows that the UT Head Coach is resigning except the UT Head Coach. Would somebody please send him a text?

The runoff election is in two days.

The Astrodome is once again in the newspaper today. This time it is about giving it a historic designation or something like that. Last month folks said they didn’t want to spend any money to fix it up so that means put a Miley Cyrus on it.

Joe Torres was the skipper of the Mets, Braves, San Luis, Yankees, and Dodgers of course.

I was at The Yard last night for a Christmas Party.

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