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In the Books

Early Voting in Person is history. To date 20,026 voted in person or have mailed in ballots. That is a 2.1% turnout.

Commentary was one of the 47 that voted at Holy Name yesterday.

Tony LaRussa is headed to the Hall of Fame. His MLB playing career lasted about 130 games or so. What position did he mostly play?

I am not in the business of making election predictions but I can say that the turnouts at Palm Center and Sunnyside probably help CM Burks and the West Gray turnout probably helps David Robinson.

HISD is now considering doing away with offensive school mascots. Good for them.

Does anyone think the Purple Pups is offensive?

Commentary attended an inaugural gathering of sorts of Democrats interested in education policy. It has held at the home of HISD Trustee Anna Eastman and was attended by a few elected officials and former elected officials.

Tony LaRussa of course mostly played second base during his brief MLB playing career.

The ‘Stros didn’t make any moves yesterday.

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