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The Voters Day 6

Commentary has been busy with the 2013 elections so I have not really paid attention to 2014 other than to check out the latest filings. I will say this. We can’t be a blue county unless we contend for all positions including the ones that could go either way. Does the Party even have a recruitment committee? Oh, well.

I did notice that Justice of the Peace Armando Rodriguez drew an opponent. It looks like it is Diana Davila, the former HISD Trustee. Judge Rodriguez is one of the longest serving elected officials in Harris County. This one ought to be interesting. Stay tuned!

Bobby Cox is headed to the Hall of Fame. Cox played in the MLB for two seasons in the 1960s. What position did he mostly play?

The District A runoff has put Mendenhall at 1,152 voters. Don’t ask me who that helps out.

In the HCC District 1 runoff only 99 at Holy Name and 72 at Hardy – interesting. You have to think that has an impact.

Mail ballots lead early vote in person 8,150 to 7,357.

We are at 1.6% turnout.

I got a Zeph Capo mailer and robo call yesterday.

I am sure some folks aren’t going to like that the President shook hands with Raul Castro. Hey, it was at a funeral!

Bobby Cox played third base of course.

Nothing new from The Yard.

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