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The Voters Day 5

Day 5 of early voting is in the books. 11,657 have cast their vote – that’s a 1.2% turnout.

Yesterday only 511 voted early in person – brrrrr.

Three voted in Clear Lake, four at Ripley, one in Alief, six at Holy Name, and two at Hardy.

Through five days the District A runoff has Mendenhall at the top with 915.

West Gray is at 745.

The District D runoff has Sunnyside at 531 and Palm Center at 512.

The District I runoff has HCC at 456.

Holy Name is at 75 and Hardy is at 60.

How many games did Chad Qualls pitch in during the 2005 World Serious?

I have to say it was a classy move for Coach Kubiak to buy a full page ad in yesterday’s Chron Sports Section and thank everybody.

Today is the filing deadline for running for office in 2014.

This past weekend I got the GLBT mailer, a Roy Morales for At-Large 3 mailer, a Paul Kubosh for At-Large 3 mailer, and an Andrew Burks for At-Large 2 mailer. I also got robo calls from Morales and Zeph Capo.

Chad Qualls pitched in Games 1, 2, and 3 of course of the 2005 World Serious.

Qualls is a ‘Stro again.

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