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The Voters Day 2

There was a goof in my take yesterday. I said Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 40 folks voting when it really was 77. They put out wrong numbers then corrected – sorry.

Day 2 was pretty much like Day 1.

Mendenhall led the way with 227.

Palm Center and Sunnyside had 286 combined. That is probably good news for CM Andrew Burks and the result of the District D runoff.

Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 80 folks voting.

West Gray had 133. HCC had 108.

Holy Name only had 18.

Hardy had 14.

The mail ballots doubled with 2,601.

The turnout now is .7%

Stay tuned and go vote.

Among the active MLB players currently signed to a team, who is third in the career hits category?

I got a Zeph Capo mailer yesterday.

I was watching a lot of the Nelson Mandela coverage on CNN last night. Then I switched to the “Sound of Music.” Then to the last few minutes of the Texans – pitiful. We need a quarterback.

Lisa Falkenberg has another outstanding column today but too bad you have to be a subscriber or own a hard copy to read it. She really puts a deserved spanking on a local judge. Nice job.

I just learned today that the Chron’s Tony Freemantle is from South Africa. You need to check out his column today on Nelson Mandela.

Ichiro Suzuki of course has 2,742 hits and is behind Derek Jeter with 3,316 and A-Roid with 2,939.

I’m still waiting for good news from The Yard.

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