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The Voters

Day 1 of Early Voting in Person is in the books and here is what is happening.

1,344 showed up plus 1,310 mailed in ballots. That is 2,654 total. That is close to 3/10ths of 1%. Go democracy!

Clear Lake and Kingwood had a combined 40 folks voting.

Palm Center and Sunnyside led the way with 303 combined. That is probably good news for CM Andrew Burks and the result of the District D runoff.

Mendenhall had 203 because of the District A runoff.

West Gray had 139. HCC had 101 because of the District I and HCC runoffs.

Holy Name only had 13.

Hardy had 18 so I don’t know what that means for the HCC District 1 runoff.

Stay tuned and go vote!

‘Stros fans know that Jimmy Wynn’s numero 24 is retired. Name the last ‘Stro to wear the numero 24?

Commentary has to admit that I’m a fan of NBC’s Jenna Bush Hagar. I think she does a good job. Today she said that former First Dog Barney was a “real jerk.”

Commentary is also a fan of the “Sound of Music.” So I’ll have to watch tonight’s live performance on NBC.

Jason Lane of course was the last ‘Stro to wear the numero 24.

No big deals were announced yesterday – yawn!

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