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On Adriana Tamez

Most folks know that Adriana Tamez, candidate for Houston Community College District 3 Trustee, is Commentary’s client. I have known Adriana for like a couple of decades or so. I think she is an exceptional candidate. She is bright, articulate and a great communicator. Adriana has been a teacher, a principal, and a regional superintendent under Abe Saavedra over at HISD.

She has picked up just about all of the endorsements from organizations. She has the support of many leaders from across the district and city.

In the first round she led her opponent by over 400 votes – 39% to 34%. So what does Adriana’s opponent do? She attacks Adriana. It sounds like they are desperate.

A couple of mailers have now been sent out blaming all of HISD’s past ills on Adriana. Adriana had an outstanding career at HISD and she is being supported by the most highly respected leaders in the city. It is sad to see her opponent concoct accusations. It is kind of difficult to exploit something when there is nothing to exploit. Sorry!

Yesterday Commentary mentioned the 1960 World Serious that the Pirates won in seven. Name the player that smacked a grand salami in Game 3?

Yesterday the Chron ran a story on unlicensed horse tracks. I found this interesting from the piece:

The two Houston area tracks and the North Texas business all involved Hispanic owners and participants. Experts say horse betting is deeply ingrained in Latino culture.

I didn’t know that was part of our culture.

Now let me get my political calendar set. Early Voting in Person starts tomorrow. The filing deadline for running in 2014 is next Monday. Early Voting in Person ends next Tuesday. Election Day is Saturday, December 14. Got it!

Apparently The Dean has an opponent in the primary. Oh, well!

The Dean got some good run in the Chron today on getting the Rice University PD to open up their records. Of course you have to subscribe or have a hard copy of the Chron to get the scoop.

Yankee second baseman Bobby Richardson of course smacked a grand salami in the first inning of Game 3.

Nothing from The Yard except for some online sales on team gear.

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