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Not So Smart

Kuffer today mentions that Dave Wilson paid a consultant – Smart Consultants. It turns out Smart Consultants is also working for HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia. What else do you need to know? Go help out Adriana Tamez.

Who hit the last regular season dinger at the Dome?

The runoff will be held on Saturday, December 14. Early Voting in Person is Wednesday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 10.

The Chron E-board has a take today on Dave Wilson. It is pathetic. Why did it have to happen in H-Town?

You have to give Coach Kubiak credit for wanting to come back go coach a 2 and 7 last place team.

Somebody tried to post a hate message on my website so I sent it to trash. We don’t do hate here.

Ken Caminiti’s third inning solo shot to deep right on October 3, 1999 against the Dodgers was the last regular season dinger ever in the Dome.

Jason Castro is still a ‘Stro.

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The other day the Chron had a big piece on how state senators and state representatives spend their campaign funds on non-campaign activity. Today the Chron E-Board gets into the act and they call The Dean a “wily Houston Democrat.” Oh, well!

Everybody knows that the ‘Stros played their last regular season game at the Dome on Sunday, October 3, 1999 against the Dodgers. Who won that game?

Let me fix a Commentary omission. There are three HCC runoffs not two – sorry.

For those that are wondering about a Dave Wilson and HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia connection, go the HCC website, to the Board of Trustees page, then to the campaign reports link, then search Garcia and link to her 30 day report. He gave her $1,000.

Kuffer has a good take on the runoffs and I urge you to go check him out.

Lisa Falkenberg has a column today on Dave Wilson and Wilson does his best to make himself look likable. I don’t know about that.

Today the Chron E-Board lays out their endorsements again for HCC. Here it is:

Voters in three Houston Community College districts have choices to make in the Dec. 7 runoff elections that will have an impact far beyond their district lines.

Their votes will essentially chart the course going forward for this vitally important educational and economic engine.

Will it be more of the same old, same old – an insider’s game favoring family, friends and political supporters over progress?

Or will it be a commitment to make the HCC system the jobs engine that will ensure Houston’s continuing economic vitality?

Voters in Districts 1, 3 and 5 will have a large say about the make-up of the nine-member Board of Trustees, which is facing vital decisions including the choice of a new chancellor and a second-in-command to oversee the disposition of $425 million in improvements funded by HCC’s successful 2012 bond election.

We recommend a vote for the following candidates:

Zeph Capo is the clear choice for voters in District 1, the northside district that has been extended to include the impoverished Gulfton neighborhood in southwest Houston. For far too long, this district has been harmed by the old-style, pay-to-play politics of the incumbent. Capo has pledged to make ethics and board transparency priorities in his board service. We also like his understanding of the central role of HCC in providing a path to well-paying employment in our high-growth sectors.

Adriana Tamez is our choice to finish an unexpired term in District 3. As with District 1, the incumbent chosen by the board as a placeholder plays old-style politics that harm prospects for constituents in this majority-minority area. Tamez, a Denver Harbor native, holds graduate degrees in educational administration from the University of Houston and the University of Texas at Austin. Her involvement as an elementary teacher and principal, and as a founding member of the Raul Yzaguirre Charter School give her an on-the-ground perspective that will prove invaluable at the board level.

Robert Glaser is our choice to fill an open seat in District 5, which is in the Rice/Southampton/West University area. As the owner of a small business, Glaser would bring a keen understanding of the needs of businesses for disciplined, well-trained employees. There may be no more compelling mission for HCC than providing workers for good-paying technical and mechanical jobs in our energy and medical sectors. Glaser gets it.

The runoff results assume even greater significance following the unexpected loss of veteran board member and current chairman Bruce Austin in the November election to David Wilson, a maverick Democrat and perennial candidate whose bizarre campaign tactics we will discuss in a future editorial. Suffice to say, the loss of Austin creates a gap in institutional memory going back three decades, as well as a much-needed tone of seriousness about the institution’s direction and goals.

It is not overstatement to suggest that the Houston Community College System stands at a turning point. The leadership choices will have an impact across the region and reaching far into the future.

I don’t want to say much about the much ballyhooed signing of Ed Reed earlier this year.

The ‘Stros beat the Dodgers 9-4 in the last regular season game played at the Dome back in 1999.

The ‘Stros better not even think about trading Jason Castro.

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Please, Stop It!

A week ago the voters decided that they didn’t want to spend money and get taxed for fixing up the Dome. For the past ten years the folks that run the Dome have reviewed and rejected numerous proposals on the Dome’s future. All possibilities have been exhausted.

Now the Mayor, Hunker Down, Commissioners Court, the Chron, Historical Commission, and others want to continue a pointless dialogue on what to do with the Dome and in the process treating all of us like a bunch of dumbarses. I wish they would just look at the wall. There is actually handwriting on it.

On today’s front page of the Chron there is another story on what to do with the Dome. Stop it! Don’t you guys get it!

Everyone knows there were two MLB All Star games played at the Dome. Who won the games?

Last night Adriana Tamez won the endorsement of the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats.

The runoffs are set for Saturday, December 14. No word yet on the Early Voting schedule.

Yesterday CNN carried the Channel 11 story on Dave Wilson’s deceptive campaign.

In 1968 at the Dome the NL won 1-0 and in 1986 the AL prevailed 3-2 of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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Real Dome Voters

Yesterday I put out some tweets on the Dome results. I had a copy of the results but Chron.com had a cool interactive display. Here is what I said:

In my precinct #SaveTheDome 450, No 447. #Astrodome

#Astrodome home #Precinct223, 255 for #SaveTheDome, 142 no.

#MMP home #Precinct890 in #DowntownHouston, 85 for #SaveTheDome, 50 no.

#RiverOaksCountryClub home #Precinct227, 236 for #SaveTheDome, 328 no.

#KatyISDFootballStadium home #Precinct639, 169 for #SaveTheDome, 213 no.

In 1992 the Dome was used for the GOP National Convention forcing the ‘Stros to go on a long road trip. How long was their road trip in terms of games?

Of the competitive H-Town City Council district races last Tuesday, District G had the highest percentage of undervotes – 22.44%. I’m thinking a few Dems took a pass on this. District A had the lowest percentage with 10.36%. District D with a dozen candidates had 12.53% undervotes. I guess they were overwhelmed.

In the At-Larges, 2 (Burks) had the highest with 29.75% and 4 (Bradford) had the lowest with 24.8%.

In the HCC races, the Tamez/Garcia/Cook contest had the lowest undervotes with 17.4%, the Flores/Capo/Hoffman the highest with 25.57%.

In the HISD races, the Adams/Lemon/Mallet-Fontenot race had lowest undervote rate with 11.19%, the Moore-Sung race the highest with 21.01. Anna Eastman’s race had 19.25% UVs.

Two years ago just a little over 6% of the voters showed up to vote in the City of H-Town runoffs. We had races in Districts A and B and in At-Large 2 and 5. The upcoming runoff includes Districts A, D, and I and At-Large 2 and 3, and HCC Trustee Districts 1 and 3.

In 1992 the ‘Stros roadie lasted 26 games of course.

This past season the ‘Stros had a .315 winning percentage. The Texans have a .222 winning percentage.

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Dome Doings

There are a number of letters to the Chron editor about the fate of the Doom, err Dome. One of the letters kind of comes down on Hunker Down and Commissioners Court for letting the Dome decompose so to speak. The letter has a point. Back in 2000 or so after the ‘Stros moved out and the decision was made to build Reliant Stadium the County took control of the football stadium and also had control of the Dome. They just let the Dome sit there and wither away under their watch.

Everyone knows that the first MLB postseason game played at Dome was on October 10, 1980 for Game 3 of the NLCS against the Phillies. Who led off for the Phillies that day?

Apparently former H-Town CM Ben Reyes is back involved in local political campaigns. That’s interesting.

Pete Rose of course led off for the Phillies in Game 3 of the 1980 NLCS.

Nothing again from The Yard.

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On More Voting

Adriana Tamez, candidate for Houston Community College District 3 Trustee, was endorsed last night by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. Tamez was also endorsed by Dane Cook, a fellow HCC District 3 Trustee candidate. Adriana Tamez led the first round voting with 39% of the vote. Her opponent is supported by Dave Wilson and that’s all you need to know.

The GLBT Political Caucus decided to not take a position on the At-Large 3 and District D runoff races.

Name the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros in the last MLB game ever played at the Dome on October 9, 1999?

The Chron E-Board today makes a plea to save the Dome. Huh! The E-Board is kind of critical of the County and other Dome supporters for not making a good case to save the Dome. The Chron front page also has a story on the failed campaign to save the Dome.

There were a lot of folks missing in action on the Dome deal including the H-Town business community, the Texans, and the Rodeo.

HCC Trustee Bruce Austin who lost by 26 votes to Dave Wilson is asking for a recount and complaining about how Wilson deceived voters. I don’t have a problem with him asking for a recount. I don’t know about his complaining. He should have gone after Wilson during the campaign.

Shane Reynolds of course started Game 4 of the NLDS back in 1999.

Nothing again from The Yard today.

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Not Bad At All!

First of all let me give a congratulations to The Mayor and her team. Job well done!

Second of all, the voters have spoken so it is time to bring down the Dome. No more studies. No more committees.

Here is from Hunker Down:

“Clearly, on the issue of the dome, the voters have rejected the proposal and the propose bond issue, and so Commissioners Court will have to make a decision as to where we go from here.”

The ballgame is over – scoreboard.

Everyone knows that Game 4 of the NLDS was the last MLB game ever played at the Dome. Who was on the mound for The ATL when the game ended?

My client Graci Garces led last night in the race for H-Town City Council District I. Way to go Team Graci! She is in the runoff and I don’t know if the third place finisher will ask for a recount.

My client Adriana Tamez led last night in the race for HCC District 3 Trustee. She heads into a runoff.

My client HISD District 1 Trustee Anna Eastman scored a blowout win with 77.4% of the vote. She clearly has been an outstanding trustee and it showed last night. She is one of the strongest elected officials in the H-Town area so watch out.

By 26 votes Dave Wilson gets on the HCC Board. How did that happen? That’s why we need to work hard to get Adriana Tamez elected. Adriana’s opponent is supported by Wilson.

Score one for the GOP in At-Large 3. What the heck happened to the Dems on this one? Who dropped the ball?

John Rocker of course closed the game for the The ATL in the last MLB game ever played at the Dome.

The only thing coming from The Yard today is the obit for the Dome.

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It is Election Day and as usual things happen in the morning that are sometimes out of your control.

Please vote.

Good luck.

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The Day Before

Here is what The Mayor said yesterday:

“I believe my race will be over Tuesday. But there will still be many others who will be in runoffs. This is going to go on for a while.”

We will see.

Prepare for tomorrow.

Congrats to Brad Ausmus, the new skipper of the Tigers. How many post season career dingers does Ausmus have.

It was kind of scary watching Coach Kubiak go down last night on national TV. Hope he is OK.

I hope folks here now understand that the football season is over – kaput – nada – adios!

On Friday I received a Ron Green for Controller mailer and a David Robinson for At-Large 2 mailer. An Andrew Burks for At-Large 2 piece was in my Saturday Chronicle. On Saturday the Mayor’s campaign left a door hanger.

A number of key Graci Garces Glenbrook Valley supporters got some run in today’s hard copy of the Chron. Way to go!

I am thinking the Dome gets saved tomorrow. It is a hunch based on the garage sale turnout on Saturday.

Brad Ausmus has three post season dingers of course: 2001 NLDS, 2004 NLDS, and 2005 NLDS.

Nothing from The Yard.

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My pal Robert Miller said yesterday that Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan is considering running for Texas Ag Commissioner as a GOPer. I sure hope not. Nowadays if you get into running statewide in the GOP primary you have to head way far right and hate on paperless folks, women’s health care, and the GLBT community. I sure would hate to see Nolan in the company of wackos. I want to remember Nolan as a Hall of Fame great not as a far right nut.

In the 1969 World Serious when Nolan was a member of the Mets, how many Serious games did he get into?

Yesterday I got a Zeph Capo for HCC mailer, a Prop 6 (Water) mailer, and a Rogene Calvert mailer.

Last night I only had a dozen or so trick or treat kids drop by.

On the last day of Early Voting in Person the Chron gets around to discussing the viability of the Dome proposal. Really! It is a little late don’t you think. It is only available to subscribers or owners of a hard copy.

Older folks as usual will make up a disproportionate share of the vote on Tuesday so that means that the Dome proposal will pass. It is the nostalgia thing.

The Chron E-Board today came out in opposition to Pasadena’s redistricting referendum.

In 1969, Nolan Ryan pitched 2 1/3 innings in Game 3 of course and picked up a save.

The Big Puma is a free agent. I can handle him being our DH and playing first on occasion.

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