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Last Friday

There are only 15 days left in this year’s election season – whew! It feels like I have been at it for – well, I have. I am starting to see push cards, mailers, and cut turf in my sleep. At least we can take a couple of weeks off before the next election season gets going.

Everyone knows that MLB first used the Wild Card in 1995. Name the first two Wild Card Teams?

The City of H-Town cut a deal with strip club owners. I guess it is a good deal. Of course I don’t hang out at those places. I also don’t know why they call them gentlemen’s clubs. What do I know?

A shout out goes to the folks that put together the H-Town Thanksgiving Day Parade. I checked out some of it on Channel 11 and it looked like folks were having a good time.

Apparently that Lloyd Oliver fella filed for DA again as a Dem. I hope the folks that are running Kim Ogg’s campaign bust their butts and don’t take anything for granted. I hope they go after Oliver and not just think that racking up all the Dem Party organizations endorsements is going to do the trick. We saw what happened two years ago. They have to be aggressive. We will see.

The family gathered for dinner yesterday in Sugar Land, Texas. It was nice even though nobody brought pumpkin pie. We were introduced to Foodie Fight, A Trivia Game for Serious Food Lovers. I couldn’t answer a single question and came out dead last. Dave, Dante, and Luke caught the bug and headed off to Best Buy right after 6 pm.

The Yankees and Rockies of course were the first Wild Card teams in MLB history back in 1995.

Commentary hasn’t listened to sports talk radio since earlier in the year. It has been nothing but NPR. NPR is now on the shelf because of the Christmas tunes.

The ‘Stros said they are working on deals.

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