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The Ticket

Commentary hasn’t had the time to think much about the 2014 elections. I will say that State Senators Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte are going to be formidable candidates. They are two of the smartest people in politics. They are not in it to lose. They are definitely going to excite the base.

Sen. Van de Putte summed it up perfectly when talking about the GOP latest effort to go after the Latino vote. She said “you can’t successfully fight for the Hispanic vote, unless you successfully fight for Hispanic families.”

Stay tuned!

The Chron E-Board endorsed Michael Kubosh for At-Large 3 this past Saturday.

On Saturday I received a Zeph Capo mailer.

Election Day is 19 days away.

Name the active MLB player with a 58 dinger season?

Last night I checked on the game and saw the Pats down 24 zip at halftime. Later on I saw a tweet about there must have been a heckuva halftime speech in the Pats locker room. I switched back to the game and it was 24-14. It ended being an OT thriller.

Which brings us to the Texans. Somebody needs to ‘splain to me what happened this season. We were supposed to be heading to the Super Bowl and now we’re headed toward the first draft pick. Will somebody please tell me what happened?

In 2006, Ryan Howard of the Phillies of course had 58 dingers.

The owner of the ‘Stros tried to ‘splain his reasons for suing this past Friday.

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