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The JFK Week, Day 1

This week there will be a heck of a lot of coverage of the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. So I might as well chime in since I remember exactly where I was when it happened and when I heard about it. (I’ll save that moment for later.) I will say this. I was eleven years old at the time and I was really mad at Dallas for a long, long time. You could say I hated on Dallas. I thought Dallas had made the state of Texas look real bad. I put a lot of the blame on Dallas. How could Dallas let our President get assassinated I thought a lot of back then. He was in H-Town the day before and everything went smoothly here.

It didn’t help that Dallas couldn’t even protect the fella that was arrested for the assassination thus robbing the whole world of answers to questions many people are still asking. To make it even worse, Dallas let the fella get killed while in their custody on national live TV. I started to resent anything associated with Dallas.

As I got older those feelings naturally subsided but even as a young adult working on statewide political campaigns or initiatives, if I had to go into Dallas I went in and handled my business and got out as quick as I could. I obviously no longer harbor the ill will I had against Dallas.

I am sure there were millions like me across the country and the world that had it in for Dallas. Did Dallas deserve the rap they got from folks like me 50 years ago? Absolutely! If the leader of the free world visits your burg and he gets assassinated, you deserve as much bad karma as there is – period.

Commentary will be tweeting this week 15 front pages from local newspapers before and during the events of 50 years ago. The newspapers include the Houston Chronicle, Baytown Sun, Houston Post, and the old Houston Press. I’ve had those newspapers for close to 50 years now.

Vice-President Joe Biden will be in H-Town today to visit with the folks that run the Port of Houston. I wonder what he and The Dean will talk about.

Commentary checked out a great film this past weekend. You have to see “Gravity” in 3D. Sandra Bullock nails it. The experience had me ducking space debris. I thought it was pretty cool to learn watching the credits that Ed Harris (“Apollo 13” and “Right Stuff”) was the Mission Control voice. George Clooney was solid. He is always solid.

The ‘Stros last won a game on Friday, September 13. Who did we beat?

Here are my tweets during yesterday’s game:

Last game #GoAstros won was on September 13. Last game #GoTexans won was on September 15.

What is the over/under for next #MattSchaub #PickSix? #GoTexans

Is this the end of the #CaseKeenumEra? #GoTexans

Don’t get mad at #MattSchaub for being #MattSchaub.

I don’t know what you can say at this point. What a total collapse.

You have to hand it to the famous speech critic skit on SNL’s Weekend Update the other night. It had me falling out of my chair laughing.

On Friday, September 13, the ‘Stros beat the Angels 9-7 of course.

I can’t even say wait until next year.

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