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The runoff is on Saturday, December 14. That is 11 days before Christmas. I don’t remember a runoff ever going this deep.

Yesterday Kuffer had a take on Dave Wilson and it brought out a slew of comments. Some were entertaining, some were sad, and some were bad.

The Tigers have won the AL MVP Award the past three years. When was the last time an AL Team won three consecutive AL MVP Awards?

Here is what the Chron E-Board put out today:

Graci Garces for Houston City Council

District I promises to encompass some of Houston’s greatest growth over the next six years. Extending from downtown into the East End, the skyscrapers, landmarks and booming neighborhoods of District I make this city council race one of the most important of the election season. Graci Garces will be able to hit the ground running for both the district’s Hispanic families and its Fortune 500 corporations.

For the past decade, Garces has worked at City Hall for District I, first for state Rep. Carol Alvarado when she was a city council member, and now as chief of staff for term-limited incumbent James G. Rodriguez. Garces has worn out shoe leather walking the streets of this community, serving as the face of city government for numerous civic clubs and neighborhood organizations. You can hear that experience when Garces talks not just about infrastructure and job creation, but also the specific problems of animal overpopulation and tearing down blight. After serving as a bridge between City Hall and the community for so long, she knows what the district needs and how City Hall works. Voters should finally make it official and elect Graci Garces for city council District I.

The Yankees won four straight AL MVP Awards from 1960 – 1963 of course: Roger Maris, Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, and Elston Howard.

The ‘Stros are still working on a TV deal.

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