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Not So Smart

Kuffer today mentions that Dave Wilson paid a consultant – Smart Consultants. It turns out Smart Consultants is also working for HCC Trustee Herlinda Garcia. What else do you need to know? Go help out Adriana Tamez.

Who hit the last regular season dinger at the Dome?

The runoff will be held on Saturday, December 14. Early Voting in Person is Wednesday, December 4 through Tuesday, December 10.

The Chron E-board has a take today on Dave Wilson. It is pathetic. Why did it have to happen in H-Town?

You have to give Coach Kubiak credit for wanting to come back go coach a 2 and 7 last place team.

Somebody tried to post a hate message on my website so I sent it to trash. We don’t do hate here.

Ken Caminiti’s third inning solo shot to deep right on October 3, 1999 against the Dodgers was the last regular season dinger ever in the Dome.

Jason Castro is still a ‘Stro.

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