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Please, Stop It!

A week ago the voters decided that they didn’t want to spend money and get taxed for fixing up the Dome. For the past ten years the folks that run the Dome have reviewed and rejected numerous proposals on the Dome’s future. All possibilities have been exhausted.

Now the Mayor, Hunker Down, Commissioners Court, the Chron, Historical Commission, and others want to continue a pointless dialogue on what to do with the Dome and in the process treating all of us like a bunch of dumbarses. I wish they would just look at the wall. There is actually handwriting on it.

On today’s front page of the Chron there is another story on what to do with the Dome. Stop it! Don’t you guys get it!

Everyone knows there were two MLB All Star games played at the Dome. Who won the games?

Last night Adriana Tamez won the endorsement of the Houston Stonewall Young Democrats.

The runoffs are set for Saturday, December 14. No word yet on the Early Voting schedule.

Yesterday CNN carried the Channel 11 story on Dave Wilson’s deceptive campaign.

In 1968 at the Dome the NL won 1-0 and in 1986 the AL prevailed 3-2 of course.

I don’t have anything from The Yard.

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