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Real Dome Voters

Yesterday I put out some tweets on the Dome results. I had a copy of the results but Chron.com had a cool interactive display. Here is what I said:

In my precinct #SaveTheDome 450, No 447. #Astrodome

#Astrodome home #Precinct223, 255 for #SaveTheDome, 142 no.

#MMP home #Precinct890 in #DowntownHouston, 85 for #SaveTheDome, 50 no.

#RiverOaksCountryClub home #Precinct227, 236 for #SaveTheDome, 328 no.

#KatyISDFootballStadium home #Precinct639, 169 for #SaveTheDome, 213 no.

In 1992 the Dome was used for the GOP National Convention forcing the ‘Stros to go on a long road trip. How long was their road trip in terms of games?

Of the competitive H-Town City Council district races last Tuesday, District G had the highest percentage of undervotes – 22.44%. I’m thinking a few Dems took a pass on this. District A had the lowest percentage with 10.36%. District D with a dozen candidates had 12.53% undervotes. I guess they were overwhelmed.

In the At-Larges, 2 (Burks) had the highest with 29.75% and 4 (Bradford) had the lowest with 24.8%.

In the HCC races, the Tamez/Garcia/Cook contest had the lowest undervotes with 17.4%, the Flores/Capo/Hoffman the highest with 25.57%.

In the HISD races, the Adams/Lemon/Mallet-Fontenot race had lowest undervote rate with 11.19%, the Moore-Sung race the highest with 21.01. Anna Eastman’s race had 19.25% UVs.

Two years ago just a little over 6% of the voters showed up to vote in the City of H-Town runoffs. We had races in Districts A and B and in At-Large 2 and 5. The upcoming runoff includes Districts A, D, and I and At-Large 2 and 3, and HCC Trustee Districts 1 and 3.

In 1992 the ‘Stros roadie lasted 26 games of course.

This past season the ‘Stros had a .315 winning percentage. The Texans have a .222 winning percentage.

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