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On More Voting

Adriana Tamez, candidate for Houston Community College District 3 Trustee, was endorsed last night by the Houston GLBT Political Caucus. Tamez was also endorsed by Dane Cook, a fellow HCC District 3 Trustee candidate. Adriana Tamez led the first round voting with 39% of the vote. Her opponent is supported by Dave Wilson and that’s all you need to know.

The GLBT Political Caucus decided to not take a position on the At-Large 3 and District D runoff races.

Name the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros in the last MLB game ever played at the Dome on October 9, 1999?

The Chron E-Board today makes a plea to save the Dome. Huh! The E-Board is kind of critical of the County and other Dome supporters for not making a good case to save the Dome. The Chron front page also has a story on the failed campaign to save the Dome.

There were a lot of folks missing in action on the Dome deal including the H-Town business community, the Texans, and the Rodeo.

HCC Trustee Bruce Austin who lost by 26 votes to Dave Wilson is asking for a recount and complaining about how Wilson deceived voters. I don’t have a problem with him asking for a recount. I don’t know about his complaining. He should have gone after Wilson during the campaign.

Shane Reynolds of course started Game 4 of the NLDS back in 1999.

Nothing again from The Yard today.

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