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Not Bad At All!

First of all let me give a congratulations to The Mayor and her team. Job well done!

Second of all, the voters have spoken so it is time to bring down the Dome. No more studies. No more committees.

Here is from Hunker Down:

“Clearly, on the issue of the dome, the voters have rejected the proposal and the propose bond issue, and so Commissioners Court will have to make a decision as to where we go from here.”

The ballgame is over – scoreboard.

Everyone knows that Game 4 of the NLDS was the last MLB game ever played at the Dome. Who was on the mound for The ATL when the game ended?

My client Graci Garces led last night in the race for H-Town City Council District I. Way to go Team Graci! She is in the runoff and I don’t know if the third place finisher will ask for a recount.

My client Adriana Tamez led last night in the race for HCC District 3 Trustee. She heads into a runoff.

My client HISD District 1 Trustee Anna Eastman scored a blowout win with 77.4% of the vote. She clearly has been an outstanding trustee and it showed last night. She is one of the strongest elected officials in the H-Town area so watch out.

By 26 votes Dave Wilson gets on the HCC Board. How did that happen? That’s why we need to work hard to get Adriana Tamez elected. Adriana’s opponent is supported by Wilson.

Score one for the GOP in At-Large 3. What the heck happened to the Dems on this one? Who dropped the ball?

John Rocker of course closed the game for the The ATL in the last MLB game ever played at the Dome.

The only thing coming from The Yard today is the obit for the Dome.

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