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My pal Robert Miller said yesterday that Hall of Fame great Nolan Ryan is considering running for Texas Ag Commissioner as a GOPer. I sure hope not. Nowadays if you get into running statewide in the GOP primary you have to head way far right and hate on paperless folks, women’s health care, and the GLBT community. I sure would hate to see Nolan in the company of wackos. I want to remember Nolan as a Hall of Fame great not as a far right nut.

In the 1969 World Serious when Nolan was a member of the Mets, how many Serious games did he get into?

Yesterday I got a Zeph Capo for HCC mailer, a Prop 6 (Water) mailer, and a Rogene Calvert mailer.

Last night I only had a dozen or so trick or treat kids drop by.

On the last day of Early Voting in Person the Chron gets around to discussing the viability of the Dome proposal. Really! It is a little late don’t you think. It is only available to subscribers or owners of a hard copy.

Older folks as usual will make up a disproportionate share of the vote on Tuesday so that means that the Dome proposal will pass. It is the nostalgia thing.

The Chron E-Board today came out in opposition to Pasadena’s redistricting referendum.

In 1969, Nolan Ryan pitched 2 1/3 innings in Game 3 of course and picked up a save.

The Big Puma is a free agent. I can handle him being our DH and playing first on occasion.

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