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It has been twelve years.  Here is what has been added to the conversation since then:

Al-Jazeera, Al-Qaida, Gitmo, IEDs, shock and awe, Taliban, WMDs, Patriot Act, homeland security, ground zero, shoe bomber, TSA, freedom fries, data mining, Abu Ghraib, Bin Laden, water boarding, let’s roll, Bush Doctrine, Operation Enduring Freedom, Blackstone, airport screeners, Shanksville, war weary, and 9/11 to name a few.

On 9/11 MSNBC reruns the NBC/Today Show coverage of that day.  I have it on now.

There won’t be a MLB question today.

We have been at war since then, our lives have changed, and last night The President gave us a fifteen minute talk about using our military on Syria.

Just how long are we going to be at war and how many bad guys are out there?

New York City had their primaries yesterday.

There is not much you can say other than we always remember and we will never forget.


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